Changes to Performance Licences

In last month’s Blog post we let you know that there are a lot of changes coming to Learn2soar Music during 2019, and that we would be sharing all our exciting news with you, bit by bit. So to start off, we want to inform you of important changes we’re making to the way we sell our performance licences.

What are Performance Licences?
Performance Licences
Performance Licences

If you intend to stage any type of performance using our plays and musicals, then by law you need to purchase one of our performance licences directly from us. This is a legal requirement worldwide* and applies to all types of schools, churches, nurseries, preschools, children’s groups, etc. *(In the UK via the ‘Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988’, and Worldwide via the ‘Berne Convention’ and the ‘World Intellectual Property Organisation’). So what are these changes?

What changes are you making?

Previously, we offered two different options for our performance licences:

  • ‘One Year Licence’: as many performances as you want within a 12 month period.
  • ‘Lifetime Licence’: as many performances as required, at any time in the future, without limit.

As of February 2019 we have removed the ‘Lifetime Licence’ option. Lifetime Licences bought before this date, will still be valid. They will still allow the purchasing body to perform that one musical as many times as required, indefinitely. But from now on, only ‘One-Year (Annual) Performance Licences’ will be available and will need to be re-purchased year on year (as needed) to allow you to re-perform any of our works.

Why are you removing the Lifetime option?

There are two reasons:

Lifetime Licences were only supposed to be a temporary special-offer. We had originally planned to run this promotion for just a year or two. But in the end it stuck around for over a decade! While they have proved to be incredibly popular, Lifetime Licences have also become a bit of a curse. Namely that this special-offer is now causing us to lose money!

Secondly, we are currently redesigning our website. We’re aiming to make it much easier and friendlier to use. As part of that process we’re planning to streamline our product options. With this in mind, it seemed right that the ‘Lifetime Licence’ option should be the first thing to go.

Are there any other Licence changes you’re making?

Later this year, we’ll be moving all our products onto a subscription system. As such, our annual performance licences, will also be combined with an annual ‘User Licence’ (formerly known as our ‘Digital Files Site Licence‘). Although this will mean a small increase in the licence cost, it will also make it easier to get all your licensing requirements sorted in one simple click.

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