A Christmas-Toy Story: New Children’s Christmas Musical

New for 2016: ‘A Christmas-Toy Story‘ is Learn2soar Music’s forty-fifth school musical release. In many ways it’s also the most ambitious:

Christmas-Toy Story Children's Musical
A Christmas-Toy Story

Fans of Learn2soar Music, who have followed us for the last 15 years, will know that we’re very particular about our primary age titles. It can sometimes be several years between releases. But this isn’t because of laziness, or a lack of ideas. It’s just that we believe that it takes time to create a work of art.

To use a furniture illustration, some people like cheap, off-the-shelf, flat-packed furniture. But, others prefer lovingly crafted pieces of beauty, that adorn your house. Well, that’s what we’ve done with ‘A Christmas-Toy Story’. It’s been 4 years since our last major work: the well received ‘Away WITH The Manger’. Well, now we’re back, with this humorous, thoroughly enjoyable festive musical treat.

Amazingly, we’ve crammed more on to one CD than ever before, to give you great value for money. You will find longer ‘full-length’ songs with all the professionally recorded backing tracks. We even recorded some of the music with a live ‘Big Band’. Also, you get three editable scripts, which have been lovingly written. Plus, great staging advice, PowerPoint scenery, PowerPoint song words, printable sheet music, sound effects and much, much more.

The Story:

A Christmas-Toy Story‘ tells the tale of a group of toys who magically come to life on Christmas Eve. They then spend the rest of the night trying to discover what this strange thing called ‘Christmas’ is all about. With catchy songs, a funny script and a few toy tantrums, your audience will laugh out loud, tap their feet and by the end of the play, possibly find themselves wiping a tear from their eye.

What’s Included:

The three scripts included in ‘A Christmas-Toy Story‘ all tell the same story, but vary in complexity and length. Thus, there is something here suitable for every age range from 5-11. Furthermore, the entire content of each script takes place in just one setting! This means that the entire staging of this play is incredibly simple. You will find detailed costume and staging advice included with your purchase. This advice also shows how you can use costumes that are very quick and easy to get hold of.


All in all, ‘A Christmas-Toy Story’ is every teachers dream production. A simple, easy-to-stage, ready-to-use, fun Christmas musical. Your cast will love the songs and have a whale of a time performing the script. Your audience will be enthralled.

More Info & Buy Now:

Please visit the ‘A Christmas-Toy Story‘ product page to hear samples from every song and view script samples. In addition, you will find cast lists, licensing information and more details. You can buy it now on Multipurpose CD (audio CD & CD Rom combined), for £24.99. Or, get the brilliant Instant Download version for just £20.99.