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Get Your Licence Fees Refunded If Your Show Is Cancelled

Sadly, it seems inevitable that for some of our customers, this years planned Christmas performances will eventually have to be cancelled due to Coronavirus reasons of one sort or another. As such, we’ve already had a good number of calls and emails from customers asking where they stand on the issue of performance licences… ‘What happens if the worst comes to the worst and all shows are cancelled?’

Therefore, we’ve decided that if you have no choice but to completely cancel all your shows this year, just send us a copy of the notification you’ve sent to your audience to inform them of your decision, and we’ll refund any relevant licence fees that you’ve paid to us.

Here’s how we’ll refund you:

For Card Payments or PayPal Payments (Within 30 days)

If you have purchased the licence within the last 30 days, we will be able to refund the licence fee straight to your card or PayPal account.

UK Invoice Orders (Within 30 days)

For UK school customers who have ordered via invoice, if you have not yet arranged payment, then your invoice can be amended accordingly. Otherwise, see below…

All Other Circumstances

In all other circumstances we will give you your licence fee back as a discount code to be used on your next purchase from us. All vouchers will be issued during January 2021 and will expire during August 2021. Why the delay? Our new website is launching during January 2021. This website will be archived. Customer’s order history will carry over to the new site, but discount codes could cause problems. Therefore it’s easier all round if we issue any new discount codes once the new site is launched.

Or Get A Roll-Over

Alternatively, we will be very happy to roll your licence over to next year instead, if you would prefer that.

What is a Performance Licence?

Performance licences are always required for any type of performance, whether it be to a physical audience, or a virtual audience. Learn2soar Music are the only providers of the particular licence you require to perform any of our shows. The requirement to obtain a performance licence applies to all schools, preschools, churches and any other children’s or educational organisation, anywhere in the world. Performance Licences are always required to allow your performance to take place legally. This applies regardless of the age of the performers, whether you’re charging admission or not, and even if the performance is ‘only for parents’. For further information, or to order a performance licence now, please click here.

What is a Recording Rights Licence?

If you plan to record your performance in order to sell or distribute DVDs, or so you can place a recording on your website, or other video/streaming service (must be password protected), then you will require a Recording Rights Licence issued by Learn2soar Music. This is because your recording will contain copyrighted material. As the copyright holders, we grant permission (licence) for you to distribute a recording containing our works. Please note that a Recording Rights Licence does not replace a Performance Licence. It is an additional licence that needs to be purchased on top of a performance licence, if you are selling or widely distributing your recording. For further information or to order a ‘Recording Rights Licence’, please click here.

For any further questions, please contact us.


The offers detailed on this page represent temporary amendments to section 9C of our full terms and conditions document only. These offers apply to ‘Performance Licences’ and ‘Recording Rights Licences’ only. ‘User / Site Licences’ are not included. The licence/s to be refunded must have been purchased during 2020. CD / Download purchases are non-refundable. If your licence has been purchased as part of a CD / Download package, you will only receive a refund for the licence element of your order (usually £10). All other aspects of our terms and conditions remain unchanged. This temporary amendment expires on Dec 26th 2020, at which point section 9C of our full terms and conditions will be fully reinstated.