Licensing Lies – Are you covered for all your music / performance needs?

Are your music / performance licensing needs really covered through one universal license? Perhaps you should double-check that?


Recently we’ve spoken with a number of schools, churches and preschools about their licensing needs. Not just here in the UK, but also in Ireland and the USA. Many of them have told us that they’ve been contacted by unspecified organisations who are trying to sell ‘universal licensing’ or ‘covering licences’.

These all-in-one licenses supposedly take care of the  establishment’s entire music and performance licensing needs! Unfortunately, this is a lie. You see, there is no such licence available. Anyone who claims to sell any such ‘universal licence’ is not telling the whole truth.

Learn2soar Licensing

The truth is, like almost every other ‘Music for Schools’ company, we here at Learn2soar Music are the ONLY providers of the particular licences you require to use or perform any of our works in your school, church or preschool / playgroup / nursery / kindergarten. No licence issued by any other organisation is applicable. This is always the case, no matter what the sweet-talking salesman might say on the phone.

Learn2soar Music has no affiliation with any other licensing organisation, except for CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International). However, CCLI only cover the display, or re-printing of song words. They do not cover you for performing rights or music playing rights. Furthermore, they don’t cover recording rights, copying rights or multiple-user rights. (At least not in relation to the use of our material).

Therefore, if you want to perform or record any of our productions, you’ll need a licence provided by us.

How To Buy Your Licence

Performance licences can easily be purchased at the same time as you buy the associated musical or play. To buy, select a “+Licence” option from the product page, complete checkout and you’re covered. No forms, no fuss, no hassle, no worries. And with prices starting from just £10, we believe we have the cheapest performance licence prices around.

If you’ve already purchased your musical and are now returning to buy a new licence, or if you just want more information, then please visit our ‘Performance Licence’ page by clicking here.

Or, if you want to record / sell DVDs of your performance then please visit our ‘Recording Licence’ page by clicking here.

Finally, if you want to share your purchase with multiple users in your establishment, then please see our ‘Digital Licence’ page by clicking here.