New Leavers Assembly Update for Commonwealth Games 2022

One of our Leavers’ Assembly publications has had a substantial update for 2022. ‘Racing On’ now contains new lyric videos for every vocal track and every backing track.

Racing On - Updated
Racing On – With updated Commonwealth & Olympics Presentations

As well as the new lyric videos, the ‘Racing On’ assembly pack also contains remastered vocal and backing tracks, updated scripts, sheet music, songsheet, PowerPoints and artwork. ‘Racing On’ also includes PowerPoint assemblies for both the Commonwealth Games 2022 and the Olympics 2024. And with Birmingham 2022 fast approaching, this update couldn’t have come at a better time.

To buy now, read script samples, and hear samples from every track, please visit our webpage for ‘Racing On’ Leavers Assembly, by following this link.

What Teachers Say

“I found that it worked really well. It sounded great and my class loved all the songs. They made dance routines for Racing On and Ready Steady Go and sung the other songs so beautifully, with some harmonies that I included giving a bit of an extra impact. Even after the Y6 children left we still ended up singing You’re a Winner and Together in our assemblies, because they’re just great assembly songs which can be sung at any time of the year. As a musician I was also pleased to see the sheet music and guitar chords included for free as well as the backing tracks, covering all the bases. I heartily recommend this.” – Mrs Pryor

“I purchased Racing On to use as part of our Commonwealth Games celebrations. We were very pleased with the quality of the CD and the 5 songs. The children were so excited to be able to put on the presentation for their families and friends. No doubt, we will purchase more from your company in the future. Keep up the good work” – M Taylor

All the best for your Leavers Assembly 2022.