New Easter 2016 Ideas & Resources for School or Church

Easter 2016 – Sunday March 27th

Good news! We’ve updated our Pinterest page with lots of great new ideas and resources for Easter 2016.

Easter 2016 Ideas & Resources
Easter Ideas & Resources

Easter crafts, Easter songs, Easter videos, Easter plays, Easter musicals and Easter assembly ideas, for all ages from 2-11. Perfect for any school, preschool or church.

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NEW: Our First Easter PLAY

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: January 2012

Our First Easter Play
Our First Easter Play

NEW: ‘Our First Easter PLAY’ for ages 3-7

‘Our First Easter Play’ is a fun, simple, ready-to-use ‘Easter story’ song collection & class assembly CD, especially for Early Years or Infants, though it can also be used with older children. It contains 9 superbly simple ‘Easter story’ songs all based on familiar tunes or nursery rhymes and beautifully sung by a young child. It also contains two time-saving editable scripts which re-tell the traditional ‘Easter story’ of Jesus in a fun, child friendly way.

By Learn2soar Music