Happy Easter

Free Easter Songs
Free Easter Lyric Videos

Free Easter lyric videos. Click above to sing-along on our YouTube channel.

Just a quick reminder as we approach the Easter weekend that some of our most popular Easter songs are available for free on our YouTube channel as full HD lyric videos. We hope you enjoy using the songs. Take care, stay safe and Happy Easter.

Mothers Day YouTube Playlist

We still have ALL of our ‘Mothers Day Assembly Collection’ songs available for free on our YouTube channel. That’s six complete mother’s day songs with on-screen lyrics, with something suitable for all ages from 5-11.
Here is a link to the playlist:
YouTube Mothers Day Songs Playlist
YouTube Mothers Day Songs Playlist

Lights, Camera, Action! Christmas Video Advice For Your 2020 Performance

How to distribute a recording of your Christmas Nativity Play

We’re getting swamped with requests for advice on how best to share recordings of Christmas video performances with parents, since Covid restrictions have put a stop to live audiences in most countries around the world. But before we get to our recommendations on distribution, let’s first look at some of the practical and legal issues around recording or streaming your performance.

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Empty Stage Syndrome? We can help!


Get Your Licence Fees Refunded If Your Show Is Cancelled

Sadly, it seems inevitable that for some of our customers, this years planned Christmas performances will eventually have to be cancelled due to Coronavirus reasons of one sort or another. As such, we’ve already had a good number of calls and emails from customers asking where they stand on the issue of performance licences… ‘What happens if the worst comes to the worst and all shows are cancelled?’

Therefore, we’ve decided that if you have no choice but to completely cancel all your shows this year, just send us a copy of the notification you’ve sent to your audience to inform them of your decision, and we’ll refund any relevant licence fees that you’ve paid to us.

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Don’t Stop Your Showstoppers!

Don't let a Covid Christmas Stop Your Christmas ShowstoppersCovid restrictions don’t need to put a stop to your Christmas performance

Around the world, Coronavirus has put a temporary stop to many things that we love: Group singing, live shows, live music, live audiences and more. But with many schools still open and plenty of video/streaming options available, there’s no need to let Covid put a stop to your school’s Christmas performance.

While many of our competitors are stuck with publications that may be suitable for only one type of setting, we’re confident that most of our Christmas performances will suit almost ANY situation.


What’s the difference? Some of our competitors have just one single script included with each of their publications, with no editing allowed. This means that it might only be suitable for small casts, or might only be suitable for one specific age-range, which can be very limiting. However, most of our publications are super-flexible with as many as five script variations included! And we always include fully editable scripts, so you can quickly make any changes you want to help adapt the script to suit your specific requirements.

  • Small group shows? Or whole school performances? No problem.
  • Big bubbles? Little bubbles? Easy-peasy.
  • Singing? No singing? We’ve got you covered.
  • Zoom? YouTube? Vimeo? Go for it! Order one of our Recording Licences and then record or stream to your heart’s content (conditions apply).

And with regularly updated ‘Covid advice sheets’ included with every publication, you have even more detailed suggestions for ways to make your performance as safe as possible.

So, rather than us sharing what we think you should do (because every school setting is completely different) here are several case-studies from customers who’ve recently spoken to us to discuss their plans for their 2020 Christmas performances:

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Leavers Assembly 2020 – A Socially Distanced Leavers Assembly

Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2020 YouTube Playlist
Zooming On Leavers Assembly YouTube Playlist

‘Zooming On Leavers Assembly’ has now been completely updated. It contains New Lyric Videos for every vocal track and every backing track. Click the image above to go to a YouTube playlist, containing two complete videos.

Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2020
Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2020

Any Leavers Assembly 2020 could be problematic for schools, but we think ‘Zooming On’ offers a perfect, socially distanced solution.

This assembly pack has now been almost completely transformed since it was first released several years ago. As well as the new lyric videos, it also contains remixed MP3 vocal and backing tracks. Plus, a new longer script, updated sheet music, songsheet, PowerPoints and artwork.

Socially Distance Your Leavers Assembly

But with the current Coronavirus pandemic, many schools are wondering if, when and how they can still hold any type of Leavers Assembly during 2020. We believe that Zooming On provides a great solution. You can read the script out, with no acting, and no need for any of the pupils to get close to each other. You can perform the songs as solos, rather than group singing (which appears to be frowned on at the moment).

And what about the audience? Well if you are unable to perform outdoors to a socially distanced audience, then why not record your performance and put the video on your school website or YouTube channel. Remember to password protect it so that only pupils, staff and families from your school can see it. If not, then you may be in breach of copyright laws. If you need any help with this, then we’re very happy to offer assistance.

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NEW Assemblies Lyric Videos

Assemblies Lyric Videos
Songs 4 Assemblies KS2 Playlist

We’ve now completed NEW Lyric Videos for every track on ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2’. AND we’ve made all of them available for free on our YouTube channel! Just click the image above to go directly to our YouTube playlist.

Even More Resources with our Assemblies Lyric Videos

Songs for Assemblies KS2
Songs for Assemblies KS2

Please note that if you would like to use these assemblies lyric videos free of logos, or if you want backing track versions of the same videos, then you can purchase the ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2’ Download Pack HERE. This pack also contains PowerPoints, sheet music, and assembly content (stories / activities / prayers) for all 10 songs. Continue reading “NEW Assemblies Lyric Videos”

New Lyric Videos for Mother’s Day USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – Sunday May 10th

Brand New FREE Lyric Videos now available – YouTube links below!

Mothers Day Assembly Collection
Mothers Day Assembly Collection

We’ve been busy creating brand new lyric videos for every track in our ‘Mothers Day Assembly Collection‘, just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and most other countries. (Sorry we missed it all being ready for UK and Ireland’s mother’s day a few weeks back).

Because of the Coronavirus lockdown affecting almost every nation, we have made full length versions of all these videos available for FREE. We hope you enjoy using them. And for our customers in the UK and Ireland, they’re still worth a look, just for the cuteness value! All the links are below.

Happy Mother’s Day!

21st Century Mother
21st Century Mother – NEW lyric video
Mothers Day Hymn - Amazing Mothers
Mothers Day Hymn – Amazing Mothers
Supermum – Mothers Day Song
Thank You God For My Mum - Mothers Day Song
Thank You God For My Mum – Mothers Day Song
Mothers Always There For Us - Mothers Day Song
Mothers Always There For Us – Mothers Day Song
What Shall I Give - Mothers Day Song
What Shall I Give – Mothers Day Song


Free Easter Songs with New Lyric Videos

Free Easter Songs
Free Easter Songs with New Lyric Videos

Free Easter Songs. Click the above image to sing-along on our YouTube channel.

Usually by now, most UK schools would have closed for the Easter break. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, no one is doing ‘usually’ anymore, and we now have the strange situation where schools are continuing to operate throughout the Easter holidays, opening their doors for vulnerable children and the children of key workers. So, as a small gesture to all the hard-working school staff out there, we wanted to offer some of our Easter songs for free, for all of these schools to use over the Easter period.

We’ve been working for a while on new Lyric Videos for all our songs. We’ve just uploaded FIVE of our most popular Easter songs to our YouTube channel. They’re all taken from our ‘Easter Assembly Collection‘, and whilst we’re aware that school assemblies probably aren’t taking place at the moment, we’re hopeful that you’ll still enjoy singing these songs together in your setting.


We hope you enjoy the songs. Take care, stay safe and Happy Easter.



Spring Music for Early Years

Over the next few weeks Spring is due to arrive here in the UK (honestly). In two weekend’s time, it’s Mothering Sunday, then the following weekend the clocks go forward, marking the start of British Summer Time. The following Sunday it’s Palm Sunday and the week after that is Easter. Spring is definitely about to be sprung.

To help get your children in a Spring music mood, we have one Early Years Spring music title that covers all these events, ‘Our First Spring’. Enjoy singing the six Spring songs, or use the included script to stage a simple Spring musical. It can also be used for Mother’s Day or Easter.

  • Running Time = 10-20 minutes
  • Minimum Rehearsal Time = 2 days
  • Cast Size = 10 to 100+

‘Our First Spring’ tells the story of a newly hatched chick searching for her mother. On her journey she comes across many signs of Spring including other friendly new-born animals and a not so friendly big bad wolf!

Our First Spring Songs and Assembly Material
Our First Spring Music, Songs and Script

It contains 6 super-easy songs, all based on nursery rhymes or familiar tunes. Plus, you get all the backing music tracks so there’s no need for a pianist. You also receive PowerPoints, character masks, sheet music and lots of extra resources! And it’s easy enough to rehearse and stage in just a day or two.


“We only bought the Our First Spring download to have some seasonal songs to sing along to in our day nursery. But we loved it all so much that we ended up doing a little performance for the parents. Something we’ve never done before! So I just wanted to thank you for providing such well thought out and well presented resources, which gave us the confidence to try something new..”


For further information, to hear song samples, read script samples, or BUY NOW, please click here.

The Donkey’s Tale – Updated

EE-Awwwwww! The Donkey’s Tale is a cute mini-musical, perfect for Easter or Palm Sunday school assemblies or church performances. And it’s now been updated with new longer scripts.

  • Running Time = 15-25 minutes
  • Minimum Rehearsal Time = 2 days
  • Cast Size = 1 to 120+

Little Donkey has never let anyone ride him before and he’s worried because he’ll have to carry an actual person very soon.

The Donkey's Tale
Easter Musical: The Donkey’s Tale

As his mother tries to reassure him, two men called James and John suddenly arrive to take the donkey to see someone called Jesus! Little Donkey is about to be thrown in the deep end as he carries Jesus into Jerusalem on the very first Palm Sunday!

The Donkey’s Tale contains 6 catchy songs, along with all the backing music tracks so there’s no need for a pianist. You also receive TWO time-saving scripts, play script and narrators script, both fully editable. Plus you get PowerPoint scenery, PowerPoint songwords, sheet music and plenty of free added resources.


Both scripts have been re-written and re-formatted with additional / enhanced parts. For example, there is now one extra line for each of the disciples. The ‘Production Notes’ document has also been edited with new additional staging ideas and suggestions. PowerPoints, Sheet Music and Songsheet have all been reformatted. Customers who have previously purchased the old version, can download the new version for free. Please contact us for details.


“Another class in my school had previously used some of your excellent Christmas musicals. All the staff were talking about how amazing they had been with some stating that they were some of the very best Christmas productions they’d ever seen. So, when I was told to produce a play for Easter, I knew exactly where to look. The Donkey’s Tale appealed to me straight away as I have links with a local donkey sanctuary. I was incredibly impressed. The songs, the backing music, the script, the masks, the sheet music and more were all absolutely excellent. I also loved the fact that it came with an editable script as I could easily add some extra lines to the script with minimum effort. The Easter performance went really well and the feedback from parents and staff was exceptional. Well done.”


For further information, to hear song samples, read script samples, or BUY NOW, please click here.

‘E-a-s-t-e-r Spells Easter’ – Updates

Our two ‘E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter’ musicals have recently been updated. The new versions are on sale now:

E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter For JUNIORS (Age 6-11)

  • Running Time = 20-30 minutes
  • Minimum Rehearsal Time = 2 days
  • Cast Size = 1 to 100+
E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter For JUNIORS Easter Songs and Easter Play
E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter For JUNIORS Easter Songs and Easter Play

DESCRIPTION: This simple musical retells the biblical Easter story in a sensitive, child friendly way, with catchy songs and an easy-to-use script.

WHAT’S NEW? The updated version has a new longer script, which has also been reformatted making it easier to use. We’ve also updated the production notes (staging advice) document, with lots of new ideas. And we’ve completely changed the PowerPoint scenery file, with all new images.

WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY: “It was really fantastic… Straightforward to use, with a delightfully simple script and easy-to-learn songs. The children loved the musical and as a result, they acted and sang brilliantly. The audience was full of praise with some saying it was the best Easter performance they had ever seen. One parent was particularly amazed that we were able to show what is a difficult story in such a “simple, sensitive and meaningful way”. Thanks for providing such a great Easter resource.”

E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter For INFANTS (Age 3-7)

  • Running Time = 10-20 minutes
  • Minimum Rehearsal Time = 2 days
  • Cast Size = 1 to 100+
E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter For INFANTS Easter Songs and Easter Play
E-A-S-T-E-R Spells Easter For INFANTS Easter Songs and Easter Play

DESCRIPTION: ‘E’ is for ‘Everyone loves Easter’, ‘A’ is for ‘Animals born at Easter’… you get the idea….  this short Easter musical performance, looks at a number of Easter traditions and asks the question, ‘what is Easter really about’, before eventually coming to the conclusion that Easter is all about Jesus.

WHAT’S NEW? The updated version has new printable character masks (bunnies, chicks and lambs). It also includes a new longer script. We’ve also updated the production notes (staging advice) document, with extra ideas. And we’ve changed the PowerPoint files, with new slides.

WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY: “It was really lovely! We had lots of positive comments. The songs were really appropriate and the children loved performing them and even I’m still singing the songs! It was so good that I’ve come back to buy another CD now!”


Short Nativity Plays – Top 10

At this time of year, when it’s only a matter of weeks to Christmas day, internet searches for ‘Short Nativity Plays’ go up and up, as stressed teachers who have left nativity preparations to the last minute frantically search for a quick, short, simple fix. Well, with flexible, editable scripts and running times as short as 8 minutes, we can definitely help you keep your nativity plays as short as you want. Below is a list of our top 10 shortest nativity plays, that are also very quick to rehearse.

Short Nativity Plays

Flexibility is key

We currently have a few dozen Christmas nativity plays on sale (with more in the pipeline), and just about all of them contain multiple script variations, with narrated versions and playscript versions. In addition, all are fully editable and allow you to easily tailor the performance to your own circumstances. With this in mind, the timings below are based on you using the simplest script variation, as well as slimming it down as much as possible, by cutting out any unnecessary scenes and leaving out some of the songs.

Short Nativity Plays or Quick Rehearsal Nativities?

Something else to consider is that when people search for ‘Short Nativity Plays’, what they often want more than anything is something that is very quick and easy to rehearse. Therefore, although almost all of our nativity publications can easily be slimmed down to a 10 minute show, in this list we have stuck to the ones that are quickest to rehearse.

Top 10 Short Nativity Plays

So here is the list of our top 10 ‘Short Nativity Plays’ starting with the shortest:

1. Christmas Play In ONE Day (Also known as ‘The Santa Trap’)

  • Minimum Running Time = 8 minutes
  • Minimum Rehearsal Time = 1 day
  • Age Range = 6 to 11
  • Cast Size = 17 to 200+
Christmas Play In One Day
Christmas Play In One Day

DESCRIPTION: The ultimate time-saver for busy teachers! A simple, fun, alphabetic Christmas play with lots of added resources, giving you all you need for an instant, ready-to-use Christmas performance for ages 6-11.
The included playscript is titled ‘The Santa Trap’. This humorous play is set on Christmas Eve and tells the story of Santa’s secret visit to a children’s hospital ward to fill the children’s stockings. But things don’t go to plan as the children catch him and won’t let him go until he grants their wishes! Santa then asks his elves and reindeer to put on a brilliant ‘A-Z of Christmas’ performance for the patients, which your audience will love. An OPTIONAL nativity scene is also included.
For more details, or to buy ‘Christmas Play In One Day’ now, click here.

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Cool Carols – New Christmas Carol based nativity play musical

Cool Carols – Released 1st Nov 2019 – Ages 7 to 11 – Two traditional rhyming nativity play scripts, mixed with 9 carols, all with a modern sound.

What’s NEW?
Cool Carols - Nativity Play
Cool Carols – Nativity Play

‘Cool Carols’ is a fast, flexible, nativity play musical. Two traditional rhyming nativity scripts (one a play script, one a narrated script), have been mixed with nine traditional carols and two new songs, all of which have a 21st century sound. This superb combination allows you to easily produce the perfect nativity production that will be a hit with kids and parents. It comes with vocal tracks sung by an eleven year old, backing tracks, editable scripts, PowerPoint scenery, PowerPoint song words, sheet music, staging advice and more.

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Christmas Around The World – New Update

Another of our festive best-sellers has had a major upgrade. ‘Christmas Around The World – The Real Saint Nick’ for ages 5-11. Updated 11/10/2019

What’s Changed?

Our Christmas musical: ‘Christmas Around The World’ has changed a lot. Every audio track has been lovingly remixed and remastered. The final song now has an extra new verse. Both scripts have been slightly rewritten. Both are now longer, whilst most individual lines have been shortened, making them easier for children to learn. The Production Notes document has been altered with even more staging advice, extra song ideas, new ways to involve songs from even more countries, and alternative scene suggestions. The PowerPoint Scenery file has all new images. Other PowerPoints, songsheet and sheet music have all been reformatted.

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A Christmas Toy Story – New Update

One of our best selling Christmas productions has received a minor update. ‘A Christmas Toy Story’ for ages 5-11. Updated 15/09/2019

What’s Changed?
New Update for 2019

We’ve added extra script variations and made some subtle tweaks to existing scripts. We’ve added extra helpful staging advice to the ‘Production Notes’ document. We’ve made slight formatting changes to PowerPoints, Songsheet and Sheet Music files. All in all, every one of these changes has been implemented to provide customers with even more flexibility and creative control.

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Goodbye CD ROMs. Hello streaming! Major changes coming to Learn2soar Music

Computer? What's a computer?

Over the next few months, big changes are coming to Learn2soar Music. In a nutshell, we will be phasing out all CD ROM product options, with existing digital content moving online instead.

Multipurpose CDs

Currently, all our products are available in one of two ways: Multipurpose CDs or Instant Downloads. But very soon, there will be just one main option for all customers: ‘Instant Online Access’. Allowing you to stream everything you need instantly, from any device. Audio CDs will still be sold as optional extras, but the Multipurpose CD option will go. Continue reading “Goodbye CD ROMs. Hello streaming! Major changes coming to Learn2soar Music”

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Yes, we have a BIG thank you! We’re excited to announce that we’ve just received the largest single royalty payment we’ve ever had, courtesy of CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International).

What Are Royalties?

Thank You

For those who have never heard of CCLI, or ‘royalty payments’, here’s a brief explanation. Every time any school or church around the world displays, copies, prints or shares the lyrics or sheet music from one of our songs, then they should report that usage to CCLI. Each song report is worth a small amount to us. These amounts accumulate throughout the year, with combined royalties paid out twice a year.

We’ve now received our total royalty payment for songs used between Oct 18 and March 19, and it was a substantial amount of money. The largest single royalty payment we’ve ever received. We’re so thankful for all the teachers and children’s workers who have taken the time out of their busy schedules to report song usage to CCLI. We’re humbled by your continual love and support for our songs, and by your efforts in contacting CCLI about them. Thank you so much.

Surprisingly though, having crunched the numbers and examined the data of the songs that were reported, it seems that there is still just a relatively small percentage of customers who are reporting songs regularly. This is a shame, because we know that if every customer reported our songs accurately, then the royalty amounts we received would literally have several extra zeros on the end.

Please don’t get us wrong. We’re not complaining, and we’re not saying any of this out of boasting, or greed for more money. We just want Learn2soar Music to grow. Being completely honest, due to austerity and school cutbacks, the last few years have been tough for our business. Schools are understandably not spending as much money as they used to. Therefore, these royalty payments aren’t about buying new cars for the directors, but are simply about keeping the business afloat. And if more customers reported song usage properly, we know we’d have enough money to expand the business even more and provide a better service in the future. So how can you help?


We know how ridiculously busy all you teachers are. On your list of ‘jobs to do’, reporting song usage to CCLI is most likely rock bottom of your list. But if you’re using and enjoying someone’s music, isn’t it only fair to ensure that the writers get paid correctly? Continue reading “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”

Leavers Assembly 2019 Updates

Two of our primary leavers’ assembly titles have been significantly updated during the past few months. Here are the details:

Journey On Leavers Assembly 2019
Journey On Leavers Assembly 2019
Journey On Leavers Assembly 2019

Our bestselling assembly title, ‘Journey On’ contains 4 catchy leavers’ songs with vocal and backing tracks. It also comes with an editable assembly script containing parts for dozens of children. Plus ideas, readings and a funny play titled ‘Honey I Grew Down The Kid!’ You also get added extras like sound effects, PowerPoints, sheet music and more. This is a great value assembly package, with everything you need to make your leavers’ assembly extra special!

The new improved version has a slightly longer script, with additional staging advice. All vocal and backing tracks have been remixed and remastered. We’ve also completely changed the PowerPoint files, with new options available.

For more information, or to buy now, please visit the ‘Journey On’ page.

Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2019
Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2019
Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2019

Our most recent Leavers’ Assembly, Zooming On, contains 4 of our most popular assembly songs. It includes vocal and backing tracks. Plus an editable, ready-to-use assembly script with lots of parts. The script contains a fun story, lessons, reading, prayer and more. In addition, you’ll receive accompanying PowerPoint presentations, printable sheet music and songsheet. This leavers’ assembly is so easy-to-use that you’ll zoom through your preparations and rehearsals.

The new updated version has a slightly longer script, with a new story section. We’ve also upgraded the PowerPoint files.

For more information, or to buy now, please visit the ‘Zooming On’ page.

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Workshops On Hold

Over the last few months we’ve started to let you know about some exciting changes to Learn2soar Music. Unfortunately, this month we’re having to break some slightly sad news. As a company we have decided to place our music workshops on hold for the foreseeable future.

Why are your music workshops on hold?
workshops on hold
workshops on hold

The main reason we are suspending this service is that currently there appears to be very little demand for our school workshops, due to school budgets being slashed over the last decade.

When we started providing workshops in 2003 we were delivering up to 100 events a year. But from around 2009 onwards we saw a steady decline. It has reached the point where we’re now receiving just two or three booking requests a year. Therefore, it’s no longer financially viable to keep them going. Continue reading “Workshops On Hold”

Changes to Performance Licences

In last month’s Blog post we let you know that there are a lot of changes coming to Learn2soar Music during 2019, and that we would be sharing all our exciting news with you, bit by bit. So to start off, we want to inform you of important changes we’re making to the way we sell our performance licences.

What are Performance Licences?
Performance Licences
Performance Licences

If you intend to stage any type of performance using our plays and musicals, then by law you need to purchase one of our performance licences directly from us. This is a legal requirement worldwide* and applies to all types of schools, churches, nurseries, preschools, children’s groups, etc. *(In the UK via the ‘Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988’, and Worldwide via the ‘Berne Convention’ and the ‘World Intellectual Property Organisation’). So what are these changes?

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Seasons Greetings from Learn2soar Music

Seasons Greetings

Season’s Greetings from all at Learn2soar Music.

Seasons Greetings
Seasons Greetings

As we’re heading towards the Christmas holidays, we wanted to take the time to thank all our loyal customers for yet another fantastic year. We hope that all your Christmas musicals and Nativity plays have gone without a hitch. If you have a spare few minutes, we’d be grateful to hear any feedback, reviews, comments or ideas that you have to offer. Continue reading “Seasons Greetings from Learn2soar Music”

Alphabet Nativity – Revisiting our brilliantly simple ‘ABC Nativity’

The ABC Nativity Christmas Nativity Play

Continuing our monthly series, focusing on the products at the top of our all time best sellers list, this month we look at our highly original alphabet nativity play: ‘The ABC Nativity’!

In September we looked at our Number 1 best seller ‘Our First Nativity‘. Then in October we looked at ‘C-H-R… Spells Christmas‘, both the Infant and Junior versions, which are at numbers 2 and 3 in our list. This month we’re going to revisit our original alphabet nativity play and our all time number 4 best seller, ‘The ABC Nativity‘. Continue reading “Alphabet Nativity – Revisiting our brilliantly simple ‘ABC Nativity’”

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas – Spells Success

C-H-R... Spells Christmas... Spells Success!

Last month we looked at our all time number one best selling item: ‘Our First Nativity‘. But what’s number 2 and number 3 on the list? The answer to both questions is ‘C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas’.

Number two on the list is C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas for Infants (ages 3  to 7). Then at number three it’s C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas for Juniors (ages 7 to 11+).

C-H-R… Spells Christmas – Infant Version

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas For INFANTS Nativity Play
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas For INFANTS Nativity Play

The Infant version was one of Learn2soar Music’s first publications, written in 2003. From then, until 2011’s ‘Our First Nativity’ was published, it was consistently our best selling item. In a similar way to ‘Our First Nativity’, the genius of ‘C-H-R… Spells Christmas’ is in its utter simplicity. The performance consists of little more than nine different, simple, catchy songs, for the nine letters that spell the word ‘Christmas’, that all come together to tell the biblical Nativity story. Continue reading “C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas – Spells Success”

Best Selling Nativity Play – Our First Nativity

Our First Nativity Christmas Nativity Play

In the run up to Christmas we’re going to use our monthly blog posts to take a look at our best selling Nativities. We’re starting with our all time best selling nativity play: ‘Our First Nativity‘.

Published in 2011, Our First Nativity quickly rocketed to the top of our list of best sellers. It’s total sales are over 50% higher than any other item we’ve ever sold. (Although ‘Our First Nativity TWO’ is quickly gaining ground on it). So why is ‘Our First Nativity’ our best selling nativity play? Continue reading “Best Selling Nativity Play – Our First Nativity”

Little Black Cloud

“This is the story of the Little Black Cloud,
Who wanted to share his rain around!”

As it’s nearly time to start planning for all those harvest assemblies and harvest / thanksgiving services, we wanted to take a look back at ‘The Little Black Cloud‘.

The Little Black Cloud Simple Harvest Musical Performance
The Little Black Cloud Simple Harvest Musical Performance

This always popular mini-musical is one of the shortest, simplest performances that we’ve ever published. The Little Black Cloud was written in 2002 and eventually published in September 2004. It was actually designed purely as a harvest musical, to be used in UK schools. However, since then it has been performed all around the world, at all times of the year. Continue reading “Little Black Cloud”

Journey On Leavers’ Assembly

Over the next few weeks schools across the UK will be closing for the summer and saying goodbye to their oldest pupils, as they move on to the next stage of their education. We’re sure that as usual there will be many teachers trying to scramble together a last-minute Leavers’ Assembly performance. So to help all these teachers out and save a lot of time, we thought we’d focus some attention on our best-selling assembly product: ‘Journey On Leavers’ Assembly’.

Journey On Leavers Assembly CD
Journey On

Originally published in 2009, Journey On has gone on to become our best-selling assembly title We believe that the main reasons for its enduring popularity are down to the very catchy, rock-based songs, along with a genuinely hilarious play script (Honey I Grew Down The Kid) which has now been performed in hundreds of schools across the country. We’ve also heard anecdotes about it being widely recommended through word of mouth and on various teachers forums. Continue reading “Journey On Leavers’ Assembly”

Easter Assembly Quotes

It’s just two weeks till Easter, so if you still haven’t planned your school’s Easter assembly or your church’s Easter service, then look no further than our ready-to-use, all age ‘Easter Assembly CD‘. It contains 10 brilliant Easter songs, with vocal and backing tracks. Plus six ready-to-go assembly scripts with stories, plays, activities, ideas, readings, prayers and more.

The Easter Assembly CD For Primary Schools
The Easter Assembly CD For Primary Schools

This easy-to-use CD / Download also comes with printable masks, songsheets, sheet music, PowerPoints and more.

Here’s what some of our customers have said about it:

Used It So Much
“A few years ago we went to buy three of your general assembly packs, but then realised that for not much more we could buy your “101 assembly songs” 15 CD pack, which is staggeringly good value for money. Anyway, this Cd was included and it was something we hadn’t looked at before buying from you. But over the last few years it’s probably the one CD that we’ve used the most. Great songs, great assembly content. The children love singing the songs and always ask for them again and again, even when Easter is long gone! Well done.”
Mr Bevan Continue reading “Easter Assembly Quotes”

Mothers Day Quotes

Mothers day in the UK is nearly upon us (26th March). So it’s a good time to remind you that our very popular ‘Mothers day Assembly CD‘ can be downloaded for just £7.99!

This collection of Mothers Day songs and Mothers Day talks / performance scripts, is perfect for your Mothers Day celebrations in school or church. It contains 6 superb Mothers Day songs for all ages, with the usual vocal tracks and backing tracks. It also includes 3 time saving, editable scripts, containing ideas, stories, plays, activities, readings, prayers and more.

All in all, this is a truly fantastic CD which over the years has become one of our best sellers. It contains everything you need to make your Mothers Day celebration or Mothers Day service extra special!Mothers Day CD and Download

Here are some quotes from customer who have already used it: Continue reading “Mothers Day Quotes”

It’s A Boy

It’s A Boy! Our main composer and managing director Stuart Ross and his wife Rachel have a new addition to their family… Harry Benjamin Ross was born on the 16th Feb 2017. Stuart posted on twitter:

Stuart and Rachel already have two grown up children, Corinne (19) who is at Uni, and Jamie (16) who is currently taking A-levels. Both Corinne and Jamie have helped with the writing and recording of various Learn2soar Music CDs over the years and we feel sure that in the near future you’ll see Harry’s name in the sleeve notes of various Learn2soar products.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from everyone at Learn2soar Music. We hope you all had a great Christmas break. Please remember to fill us in on how all your festive performances went. We’d love to hear your opinion.

In other news, we’ve decided to keep our prices on hold for another 6 months at least. We still believe that we have the lowest prices for the particular type of products that we offer. If you find another company offering all that we do for less than us, please let us know. We refuse to be beaten on price.

We have lots of plans for the coming year which we’re looking forward to sharing with you as the months go on. 2017 is going to be a great year!

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Contact Us Day Or Night

As we approach the busiest few weeks of the year for Christmas Nativity Plays, we wanted to remind you that we’re always available to offer customer support in any way we can. You can easily contact us day or night, 7 days a week.

Contact Us 24/7
Contact Customer Support

We are very proud of the fact that our customer satisfaction ratings are very high, and the number of people requiring any type of customer support is always extremely low. But if you are one of the few who needs help editing your script, or copying some music, or re-accessing a download, or if your dog’s eaten your CD and your show’s the next day… please don’t suffer in silence. Contact us at ANY time of the day or night and we’ll always try to help in any way we can, as a matter of urgency.

Our phone lines are open from 8am to 6pm, Mon-Fri (London UK time). But outside of those hours you can still contact us in the evenings or at weekends in one of two ways:


Email us at info@learn2soar.co.uk with your question. You should hear back from us within a few hours at the most. You can also ask for a call back. Just email us your phone number and tell us the best time to call.


Call one of the numbers below and leave a message after the tone. We do often check for messages left outside of normal work hours, and we always respond as soon as we possibly can.


Whichever way you contact us, please remember to leave your name, address, phone number , email address, and if applicable, your order number. We look forward to hearing from you.


CALL CENTRE: (+44) 0844 357 8473
HEAD OFFICE: (+44) 0161 9479 222


Not just for schools: Our top ten church nativity plays

Yes, we DO sell ‘church nativity plays’, as well as ‘school nativity plays’, and guess what? They’re the same thing! This may sound like an odd thing to say, but recently it’s become clear to us that not everyone understands this!

Church Nativity Plays
Church Nativity Plays

It’s been a good year for us at Learn2soar Music, particularly in terms of sales. But to our disappointment we recently discovered that we’ve not sold as many nativities to churches this year as we have previously. Our research showed that more people than ever had googled for ‘church nativity plays’, or ‘Sunday school’ or ‘Christian’ nativity plays. However, for the first time in 15 years a low number of those searches converted into actual sales.

This is upsetting and frustrating because the truth is, ALL of our Nativity plays are suitable for church use. In addition, all of our Christmas musicals and plays (i.e. non-nativity stories) still feature the true message of Christmas in one way or another. Continue reading “Not just for schools: Our top ten church nativity plays”

A Christmas-Toy Story: New Children’s Christmas Musical

New for 2016: ‘A Christmas-Toy Story‘ is Learn2soar Music’s forty-fifth school musical release. In many ways it’s also the most ambitious:

Christmas-Toy Story Children's Musical
A Christmas-Toy Story

Fans of Learn2soar Music, who have followed us for the last 15 years, will know that we’re very particular about our primary age titles. It can sometimes be several years between releases. But this isn’t because of laziness, or a lack of ideas. It’s just that we believe that it takes time to create a work of art. Continue reading “A Christmas-Toy Story: New Children’s Christmas Musical”

Licensing Lies – Are you covered for all your music / performance needs?

Are your music / performance licensing needs really covered through one universal license? Perhaps you should double-check that?


Recently we’ve spoken with a number of schools, churches and preschools about their licensing needs. Not just here in the UK, but also in Ireland and the USA. Many of them have told us that they’ve been contacted by unspecified organisations who are trying to sell ‘universal licensing’ or ‘covering licences’.

These all-in-one licenses supposedly take care of the  establishment’s entire music and performance licensing needs! Unfortunately, this is a lie. You see, there is no such licence available. Anyone who claims to sell any such ‘universal licence’ is not telling the whole truth. Continue reading “Licensing Lies – Are you covered for all your music / performance needs?”

Harvest Assembly Ideas 2016

If you’re looking for harvest assembly ideas then you’ve come to the right place…

Harvest Ideas
Harvest Ideas

The start of a new school year usually means that plans and preparations for harvest assemblies and Autumn festivals are in the pipeline. To help you out, we’ve updated our Pinterest page by adding dozens of harvest assembly ideas. Harvest crafts, harvest songs, harvest plays and musicals for all ages from 2 to 11. Perfect for any school, preschool or church.

Click here to head to our harvest Pinterest page

Continue reading “Harvest Assembly Ideas 2016”

We Want Your Reviews

Now that it’s coming to the end of the academic year, we want to know what Learn2soar Music products you’ve enjoyed the most.

We want to know what leavers assemblies, nativity plays, harvest assemblies, Easter musicals, Mothers Day assemblies, or school workshops you’ve used and would recommend to others. Just email us at info@learn2soar.co.uk.

Organising a Children’s Musical: 14 steps to staging the perfect show

If you’ve never had any experience in organising a children’s musical before, it can be very daunting. Especially if you find yourself thrust into the role without any previous stage or musical experience. To help you out, here is a check list that we’ve compiled from many years experience of organising children’s musicals, nativity plays and class assemblies:

organising a children's musical
Organising A Children’s Musical

Continue reading “Organising a Children’s Musical: 14 steps to staging the perfect show”

Olympics Leavers’ Assembly 2016

Three months from today Rio 2016 will hold it’s opening ceremony as Brazil welcomes the Olympics. Between now and then, many primary schools will be holding their annual Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly. So this year, why not link the two events with an Olympics Leavers’ Assembly.

Olympics Leavers Assembly
Olympics Leavers Assembly

Our Racing On Leavers’ Assembly can be downloaded now for just £7.99. It contains 5 great songs with vocal and backing tracks, plus FIVE ready-to-use leavers’ assemblies (2 PowerPoint assemblies & 3 text assemblies).

All the included assemblies come with an optional sporting twist and contain ideas, activities, stories / play scripts, readings, lessons and prayers. With added extras like PowerPoints, sheet music and more, this is a truly superb, easy-to-use leavers’ assembly pack with everything you could possibly need. Continue reading “Olympics Leavers’ Assembly 2016”

“Outstanding Music Workshops”

What teachers say about our School Music Workshops…

music workshops
School Music Workshops

At this time of year we usually write a blog about our school music workshops, in preparation for what is traditionally our busiest period of the year for workshop bookings across the UK. But this year for a change,  we thought we’d let teachers who’ve used our services over the last 15 years, tell you themselves how much they liked Learn2soar’s Music Workshops:

“The pop star workshop was amazing. The children learnt so much (as did I) and they were thrilled with the songs that they wrote and recorded. A fabulous day, an exceptional experience, we definitely want him back!”
K Harris, Year 6 teacher Continue reading ““Outstanding Music Workshops””

New Easter 2016 Ideas & Resources for School or Church

Easter 2016 – Sunday March 27th

Good news! We’ve updated our Pinterest page with lots of great new ideas and resources for Easter 2016.

Easter 2016 Ideas & Resources
Easter Ideas & Resources

Easter crafts, Easter songs, Easter videos, Easter plays, Easter musicals and Easter assembly ideas, for all ages from 2-11. Perfect for any school, preschool or church.

Click here to head to our Pinterest page

Continue reading “New Easter 2016 Ideas & Resources for School or Church”

Our First Easter Updates

With Easter just 8 weeks away, we’ve updated two of our best-selling Easter CDs.

Our First Easter Play Songs and Play
Our First Easter Play Songs and Play

We have upgraded Our First Easter PLAY and Our First Easter SHOW to now include lead sheets with guitar chords for every song. We’ve also reprogrammed the CD-ROM sections of each CD to make them easier to use,  better looking and quicker to load.

We’re very pleased with the results and will be making similar changes to all our other existing CDs over the next year or two.

Our First Easter SHOW Songs and Play
Our First Easter SHOW Songs and Play

Existing customers who have verified purchases of either CD can upgrade to the new versions for just £8 per CD.  Just go to the product page by clicking on the CD cover images. Then select the option which says “Extra CD (Exact copy of full priced CD)”.


Happy Christmas

christmas craft

Happy Christmas from everyone at Learn2soar. We hope all of your Christmas musicals and nativity performances have gone really well.  Please let us know about your success stories and feel free to leave any feedback about our various Christmas productions. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ve also updated our Christmas Pinterest board with lots of craft ideas to help you through the last week of term.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Learn2soar Music


‘Teach Early Years’ Magazine feature on our Nativity Plays

A big thank you to ‘Teach Early Years’ magazine for their article on Learn2soar Music, which is to appear in their latest issue. Here is what they wrote:

Super Simple Nativity Plays

You can easily perform a nativity play with even the youngest of children, using Learn2soar Music’s wide range of Early Years nativities. Featuring nursery-rhyme based songs, ultra-simple scripts and many added extras, they offer everything you need to stage a parent-pleasing festive treat.

View From The Floor

Super Simple Nativity Article“The Learn2soar early years nativities are so good. Over the last ten years we’ve used 4 different ones in our day nursery, ‘Our First Nativity’ (One and Two). ‘Our First Christmas Play’ and ‘C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s Spells Christmas’. They’re all so easy to use and are of an excellent quality. We have a very wide range of ages in our day nursery but all the children are able to take part fully and enjoy the songs so much. These nativities really are perfect for very young children. Thank you for all your help and for producing such brilliant material.” A Smith – Day Nursery Owner

“Absolutely fantastic. We’re really pleased with it. My boss said there was no way we were doing a nativity with children as young as two, but now having seen the material she has completely changed her mind. Honestly we are just so chuffed with this CD! Fantastic stuff.” K Payne – Nursery Worker

“Thank you so much for producing ‘Our First Nativity’. This is the third year in a row we’re performing it in our preschool! It’s always extremely popular and get’s great feedback from the parents. The songs and script are so easy to learn even for very young children. We love it!” L Harrison – Preschool Manager

“Excellent – We’ve 20 years experience of nativity plays and this is by far the best that we’ve come across. Well done!” S Marshall – Early Years Teacher

Thanks ‘Teach Early Years’.  You can find out more about all these Early Years nativities on our Christmas page here:


A Bumper Harvest: Harvest Assembly Songs and Ideas

It’s Harvest time! As many schools and churches are now in full preparation for their harvest festivals, teachers and children’s church workers everywhere are looking for harvest assembly songs and ideas…

Well there’s no need to look any further than Learn2soar Music’s range of harvest assembly songs and ideas. We have four great harvest CDs/downloads suitable for ages 3-11. Each contains catchy songs, simple scripts and lots of extra fantastic resources:

H-A-R-V-E-S-T Spells Harvest Assembly Songs Play and performance
H-A-R-V-E-S-T Spells Harvest Assembly Songs Play and performance

H-A-R-V-E-S-T Spells Harvest

This truly is a bumper harvest assembly songs and ideas CD/download.  With seven songs and dozens of pages of stories and ideas. You have everything you need for a harvest spectacular, or split up the material so that you have plenty of songs and ideas for the next several years in a row. Either way it’s fantastic value for money.

What teachers say: “We used this CD with our whole school from Y1 to Y6. Each year group performed a different song, while the script was read/performed by the older children. It went very well indeed. Thank you very much.” – J Crompton – Music Teacher Continue reading “A Bumper Harvest: Harvest Assembly Songs and Ideas”

Free Assemblies

It’s time to assemble your school assemblies for the new year… so we have some free assemblies for you:

Free Assemblies FS/KS1 Ages 3-7
Free Assemblies FS/KS1 Ages 3-7

As the new academic year dawns upon us many primary teachers begin to think about a new year of school assemblies. Everyone is looking for something fresh, different, accessible, ready-to-go and easy to use. Well don’t worry, we have you covered. Learn2soar Music has a range of assembly CDs/downloads available. Each title contains much more than just songs and backing music… all our assembly CDs contain multiple assemblies with ideas, notes, stories, talks, prayers, games, quizzes, PowerPoints, etc.

To give you an idea of what to expect we have made two FREE assemblies available. One from ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS1‘ (ages 3-7) and one from ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2‘ (7-11). You’re welcome to print and use these free assemblies any time, any place. Both free assemblies can be downloaded here:

Free Assemblies KS1

Free  Assemblies KS2

Free Assemblies KS2 Ages 7-11
Free Assemblies KS2 Ages 7-11

The best way to get hold of all our assemblies quickly and easily is to download our ‘101 Assembly Songs‘ pack which contains over 300 pages of ready to use assemblies. Topics covered by the assemblies include seasonal assemblies for Harvest, Easter, Mothers Day, Christmas, Leaver’s assemblies, Remembrance Day and Valentine’s day. In addition there are many general assemblies covering subjects like citizenship, green issues, perseverance, faith, obedience, nature, senses, disability, bravery, trying our best, autumn, friendship, healthy eating, good manners, saying please and thank you, using our talents, sharing, ‘love your neighbour’, teamwork, the value of education, encouragement, anti-racism and peace.

All assemblies can be downloaded in an editable format at no extra charge, so you can easily alter each assembly to suit the needs of your particular setting. To see our full range of assembly material visit our assembly page here:


‘No Christian assemblies please, Not in our school’

Christian assemblies seem to be dying out. Here is our view on the current state of Christian assemblies in schools, given the current legal requirement for all pupils in England and Wales to take part in a “broadly Christian” act of daily collective worship.

Christian Assemblies Singing
School Christian assemblies appear to be dying out

One of the most common queries we receive about our products is the good old ‘is it religious?’ question. The answer we always give is, ‘yes and no!’ In other words, although most of our school assemblies and children’s musicals contain Christian themes, each script also gives the customer the flexibility to remove religious references altogether, if required. This is because each product contains editable versions of the scripts, with many also containing multiple script variations, including non-religious alternatives. Therefore, even our most Christian assemblies can quickly become non-Christian assemblies if so desired.

However, looking back to when we started in business in the early 2000’s, this issue was a lot more challenging for us. Back then, each one of our assembly CDs and school musicals had just one, un-editable script. Regretably, there was very little flexibility. Therefore after a few years of…

Customer: “Is it Religious?”

Us: “Yes!”

Customer: (Silence as they hang up)

… we were forced to become more flexible, from a financial point of view as much as anything else. Continue reading “‘No Christian assemblies please, Not in our school’”

10 Leavers’ Assembly Ideas! Fresh ideas for Year 6 Leavers

Socially Distanced Leavers Assembly

It’s that time of year again when teachers everywhere are preparing for their school leavers’ assembly. If you’re starting to make plans but find yourself short of inspiration, don’t panic! On this page you’ll find 10 leavers’ assembly ideas for you to use for FREE.

Journey On
Journey On Leavers’ Assembly

Learn2soar Music already has a fantastic range of ready-to-use leavers’ assembly titles, containing leavers’ songs, leavers’ assembly scripts, leavers’ assembly ideas and resources, all from just £7.99 each (Click here for details).

However, we know that there are many schools who have already used every one of them and are now looking for something new. So with you, our most loyal customers in mind, here are ten great leavers’ assembly ideas for you to use for free. Take any of them and add them to your favourite Learn2soar leavers songs, for a spectacular presentation, which will live long in the pupils and parents memories.

Please note that although a few of the following ideas are found on other products / webpages, in each case we’ve tried to offer a fresh, new twist on each idea:

10 Leavers’ Assembly Ideas

1. Alien Invasion Play

Alien Invasion
Alien Invasion

Set the children the challenge of writing a play about an alien spaceship that lands on the school playground. A group of aliens enter the school with no knowledge of humans, feelings, school or our planet. The aliens have many questions which need answering, such as:

  • What is school?
  • What are friends?
  • Why do you have to leave school?
  • How do you feel?

As the children answer the questions, they share their memories of school, along with their feelings about what the future holds. Continue reading “10 Leavers’ Assembly Ideas! Fresh ideas for Year 6 Leavers”

Very Pinteresting – Learn2soar Music is now on Pinterest

Learn2soar Music now on Pinterest
We’re now on Pinterest

We’re delighted to announce that Learn2soar Music has now begun placing links to resources and ideas on Pinterest:

To start with we’ve created 4 boards for:

  • Leavers Assembly Ideas
  • Nativity Play Scripts/Songs/Costumes/Ideas
  • Mothers Day Ideas
  • Harvest Assembly Songs and Ideas

In addition to linking to our most popular products, each board also contains art/craft ideas, printable resources, costume / staging ideas, inspirational quotes / prayers and even one or two recipe suggestions! Over the coming months we hope to keep adding more and more.

If you’re on Pinterest already then please give us a like or a follow. And if you’re not on Pinterest yet, then you probably should consider it! It only takes a minute to sign up and you’ll find it full of valuable ideas and resources for every school / church / children’s group.

Head over to our Pinterest page here:

Learn2soar Now On Pinterest

CDs vs Downloads in a Children’s Musical – 7 Reasons Downloads Win!

Not every school is luckyCD v Downloads in a Children's Musical enough to have musicians capable of playing along to an entire children’s musical production. That’s why Learn2soar Music provide professional backing music for each children’s musical we sell, so your cast can sing along karaoke style for a fantastic performance. But what format should you use for the backing music? A CD or a download? Every children’s musical we publish is available in both formats, but we believe downloads are always the best choice and easily win the ‘CDs vs Downloads’ battle. Here are 7 reasons why downloads save time, save money, save hassle and even help save the planet…

1. CDs Get Damaged Easily

Are you old enough to remember when the first CDs came out in the early 80s? Manufacturers boldly stated that scratches and dirt would make no difference to the playing quality! Today that claim is almost as laughable as early cigarette advertising which promised ‘amazing health benefits’!  How times change…

We’ve all shared the frustration of finding that our favourite disk is suddenly jumping through the best song and when we examine the disk surface, it’s usually the smallest of scuff marks that’s the problem. Let’s face it, a jumping CD is annoying. However, a jumping CD in the middle of a children’s musical performance is an absolute nightmare! Over the years we’ve sadly heard several horror stories of that very event occurring! Fortunately, digital downloads played through a computer, MP3 player or iPod don’t get dirty or scratched and always play perfectly well. Continue reading “CDs vs Downloads in a Children’s Musical – 7 Reasons Downloads Win!”

9 Unique School Music Workshops

9 Unique Music Workshops from Learn2soar Music

Learn2soar School Music Workshops
Learn2soar School Music Workshops

You may have noticed that we offer very popular ‘Music Man‘ and ‘Pop Star‘ music workshops to UK-based Primary Schools and Pre-Schools. However, did you know that we offer several other unique music workshops, projects and services? We’ve recently updated our Music Workshop Pages and added a new Special Projects page, where you will find full details. Here are some of the highlights…

Continue reading “9 Unique School Music Workshops”

101 Assembly Songs: New Half-Price ‘Songs For Assemblies’ Pack

We’ve assembled a new Assembly Songs collection pack!

101 Assembly Songs
101 Assembly Songs

Learn2soar Music is proud to present a new pack of 15 assembly CDs. The pack contains some of our most popular songs for use in your school assemblies. In total you will receive 101 assembly songs with vocal / backing tracks, sheet music, PowerPoints and Songwords. Plus, you get the added bonus of more than 300 pages of fabulous assembly scripts, stories and ideas.

If you were to buy all these CDs separately, it would cost around £200! But if you buy them altogether in this one pack, you will only pay £93.42. Or save even more money by downloading now for just £78.42! (Official school orders are welcome, 30 day invoice for UK-based schools).

Click here to buy now: 101 Assembly Songs

Continue reading “101 Assembly Songs: New Half-Price ‘Songs For Assemblies’ Pack”

Learn2soar Music 2015 Publishing Plans

LEARN2SOAR MUSIC 2015 NEWS: January 2015

This time last year we revealed plans for 7 new publications, but as the year progressed we were sadly only able to publish 4 of them. This was because of the huge amount of time and man power needed to completely overhaul our Learn2soar Music 2015 website. As the new year gets underway, we will still be spending the first few months on major changes to Learn2soar.co.uk, but later in the year we will hopefully be publishing the following exciting new titles…

Learn2soar Music 2015 Publishing Schedule
Learn2soar Music 2015 Publishing Schedule

1. THE SINGING SCARECROW: A new musical for ages 5-11, written for Harvest festivals, but equally suitable for any time of the year.

2. A CHRISTMAS TOY STORY: Christmas toys come to life on Christmas Eve for a fun festive musical (Ages 5-11). Expected Sept/Oct.

3. THE FARMYARD NATIVITY: Old MacDonald stages a nativity, E-I-E-I-O!!!  A fun-filled festive treat with a farmyard twist for ages 2-5. Expected Oct/Nov.

4. COOL CAROLS: (Ages 7-11) Traditional carols with a new fun nativity script. This product will be a complete overhaul of our existing Nativity Play ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ (from 2004). All songs are being edited / re-mastered / re-recorded, along with a few new songs and new scripts. Expected September 2015.

5. NATIVITY PLAY IN ONE DAY: (Ages 5-11) The follow-up to our popular ‘Christmas Play In One Day’. The ultimate time-saver for busy nativity play organisers everywhere. Six simple songs with a simple nativity script enabling you to easily stage a nativity show in just a few hours. Expected late 2015.

Disclaimer: All of the above planned Learn2soar Music 2015 products are scheduled for release during 2015. However, there is no guarantee that any of them will be released within this timeframe.

By Learn2soar Music

On The Naughty List: How 60% of Nativity Plays might break the law

6 out of 10 Nativity Plays performed by schools, nurseries, preschools, playgroups and churches may accidentally break the law in one of three ways…nativity-plays-naughty-list

Over the last few weeks thousands of schools, nurseries, preschools and churches have performed Christmas musicals and nativity plays, not just here in the British Isles, but also in the 40 or so countries around the world, which we regularly sell to. However, behind all the costumes, glitter, joyful songs and smiling faces, it may shock you to know that in our experience, roughly 6 out of every 10 establishments staging nativity plays, may have inadvertently broken the law in one of 3 ways…

1. No Performance Licence

It is a legal requirement worldwide that a performance licence is in place for any performance of any play or musical. This includes children’s Christmas musicals and nativity plays. We make it extremely easy for customers to buy their licence at the same time as they buy their performances from us, for the low price of just £10. There are no forms to fill out and we believe that our prices are the lowest in the market, yet only around 40% of customers actually buy a performance licence.

The big problem is that there are a lot of common misconceptions which we hear all the time… We’re only performing to parents… We’re not charging admission… We’re only using a small part of the script or just a few songs… Our children are only 3 years old… and in all these cases it sadly makes no difference whatsoever. A performance licence is still required by law. (In the UK via the ‘Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988’, and worldwide via the ‘Berne Convention’ and the ‘World Intellectual Property Organisation’). Continue reading “On The Naughty List: How 60% of Nativity Plays might break the law”

Learn2soar Music Has A New Website For Christmas

Christmas has come early. Learn2soar Music has a new look website for you to play with.

Our new look website features some major improvements and changes:

  • Responsive pages for easy viewing no matter what type of device you’re using: mobile, tablet, smartphone, laptop, iPhone, iPad
  • Product options aren’t hidden any more, making it simple to see all your choices before buying
  • Reactive category pages, with sorting options and full review details
  • Easier to use payment pages
  • Larger product images
  • … and much, much more technical behind the scenes stuff to make your learn2soar music experience even better

learn2soar music new website
Learn2soar Music New Look Website

The only downside is that this huge job has taken so long to undertake, that we’ve had to postpone some of our anticipated new releases. We were particularly disappointed that two new Christmas products ‘Christmas Toy Story and ‘Cool Carols’ are now going to have to wait until 2015. Our sincere apologies to any customers who were looking forward to buying them. However, we did manage to release ‘Our First Nativity 2’ which has been selling like hotcakes!

Despite all these changes learn2soar music are very pleased that during 2014 we’ve been able to keep one thing the same… all our low, low prices, which are still unchanged for the fourth year in a row! However, in January 2015 some of our prices will have to rise, but we will still aim to have the lowest prices around with the best value for money. If you find another company selling comparative products for less, then please do let us know. We’ll gladly try to beat any price you are quoted for equal goods and services.

We hope you enjoy using the new look learn2soar music website and if you do come across any small teething problems, please do let us know.


What A Star Nativity Play: How your children can shine like stars!

‘What A Star’ is a groundbreaking nativity play designed to boost your children’s self-image. This blog looks at how and why it was made.

Early in 2013 I had an idea for a new nativity play for young children. The premise was simple: a little star who wasn’t very good at shining would be chosen by God to become the brightest star of all, shining over Bethlehem, guiding the wise men to visit the newborn baby Jesus.
What A Star - How your children can shine like stars
I suggested the idea to my teenage daughter, who ran with it. Within a few days she had enterprisingly produced the first draft of what would become: ‘What A Star!’ A nativity play for ages 3-7. In her script, my daughter had introduced the idea of the star going to ‘star-school’, but being the worst in the class at everything, getting teased by other ‘bigger, better stars’ and feeling unhappy at being so small and shy. By the end of the play of course, Leo the little star becomes the biggest, brightest, most important star of all, as he shines over Bethlehem’s stable.

All good and well, but what surprised me most was that my daughter had chosen to give this star a name… Leo! Having written dozens of nativity plays over the years, my first instinct was to change the name or remove it altogether. But then I thought about the significance of this tiny name…

Straight away, I should state that I never read horoscopes, or take any interest in star signs or the zodiac, but I do know that because my birthday is in late July, my star sign is ‘Leo’. Therefore, as I read the first draft of the script, I immediately felt a connection to this little star, who didn’t feel as good as all the larger, older stars in his class.

Continue reading “What A Star Nativity Play: How your children can shine like stars!”

BRAND NEW: Our First Nativity 2

Due to popular demand, we’ve created a follow-up to our biggest seller: ‘Our First Nativity 2’ is out now…

Our First Nativity One & Two
Our First Nativity & Our First Nativity TWO

Back in August 2010 I had one of my better ideas, to create the simplest nativity play possible for very young children, calling it ‘Our First Nativity’. A few months later it went on sale and we were astounded by the response. It was soon outselling all our other products combined and has now gone on to become our all time best-selling product by a long way.

It has since spawned a whole host of related early years products, ‘Our First Harvest’, ‘Our First Easter Play’, ‘Our First Easter Show’, ‘Our First Spring’, ‘Our First Mothers Day’ and ‘Our First Christmas Play’, all of which have done well in their own right. I had planned to give the ‘Our First’ range a bit of a break, but then last year I had a few very interesting phone conversations…  Over the course of a two-week period I spoke to several customers who all said the same thing, that they had bought ‘Our First Nativity’  when it had first been released and that they loved it SOOOO much that they had decided to re-use it again and again, every year without fail! Wow! Continue reading “BRAND NEW: Our First Nativity 2”

Christmas Plays in the Summer – My Strange World

Our sales of Christmas plays gets earlier each year. This blog discusses the fact that lots of teachers like to be extremely well prepared!

Christmas plays in the summerIt’s the 1st August 2014 and over the last week the sun has been smiling and I’ve been baking on a trip to London. Next week, we’re going on an even hotter holiday to the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece… yet through it all, at the back of my mind, I can’t stop thinking about Christmas plays! Welcome to my weird mixed up world!

I can tell it’s the start of the summer holidays when the first orders for Christmas plays start to come in. Yes, believe it or not, there are a lot of teachers out there, who in their first week of the summer holidays are thinking about where and how they’re going to buy their Christmas plays. I know, some of you are thinking that’s mad, but I call it being amazingly well prepared!

Just in the last week we’ve had good sales for early years Christmas plays, particularly our No. 1 best seller ‘Our First Nativity‘ and our most recent production ‘What A Star‘.

And it’s not just the overly well prepared teachers thinking about festive productions… at this time of year I can’t help but be consumed by the thought of writing new Christmas plays. We have recording days set for a few weeks time to record my new material, so whilst sunbathing on the beaches of Santorini, I’ll hopefully be putting the finishing touches to two of my newest creations: ‘ A Christmas Toy Story’ for ages 5-11 and ‘Our First Nativity 2’ for ages 2-5. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share detailed information about both Christmas plays in the next month.

For now, if you too feel like being overly prepared and a bit festive, then have a look at our current Christmas plays here:

Learn2soar Christmas Plays

Happy Summer Holidays and Happy Christmas!

By Stuart Ross – Learn2soar Music


NEW Primary School Leavers’ Assemblies

Exciting Primary School Leavers’ Assemblies, New for 2014

It’s that time of year again when year 6 teachers all over the country are thinking about their school leavers assemblies. This year, why not save a lot of time and effort? You can buy a short, straightforward leavers assembly that’s ready made and ready-to-go! We have two exciting publications to tell you about:


Zooming On Leavers' Assembly

‘Zooming On’: BRAND NEW


Get the planning for your leavers’ assemblies off to a zooming start with this great new title. Four of our most popular assembly songs have been mixed with a humorous and thought provoking script. With ready-to-use parts for dozens of pupils, Zooming On Leavers’ Assembly gives you everything you could possibly need for a simple, straightforward leavers’ assembly for ages 7-11.
Buy on CD for £7.99 (+£1.99 P&P) or download now for just £5.99! Continue reading “NEW Primary School Leavers’ Assemblies”

‘Away WITH The Manger’ in the newspapers

‘Away WITH The Manger’ is one of our most popular Christmas plays. In this blog, co-writer Stuart Ross writes about the publicity it’s been receiving.

Two years ago I released a Christmas play titled ‘Away WITH The Manger‘. The play had been lovingly crafted over a long five-year period and had originated from an idea by my 9-year-old daughter. She actually wrote the first few scenes including the first song which goes like this…

Away WITH The Manger Christmas Nativity Play
Away WITH The Manger Christmas Nativity Play

“Away with the manger, two robbers stole it,
They were called Bob and Bill and they were both big twits…”

The hilarious story then tells the tale of two bungling burglars who are on the run with a bag of stolen jewels. Through a strange turn of events, the jewels are hidden in the local school’s nativity manger and soon the comical crooks want them back! As the characters stage their school nativity play, mayhem ensues, but one thing is clear… crime doesn’t pay, as the crooks are eventually locked up. The play then finishes with a glorious nativity scene, with Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Wise Men, etc… reminding the audience of the true reason for the season.

‘Away With The Manger’ was an instant hit and has now been successfully performed in hundreds of schools. However, one thing we didn’t realise when publishing it, was that certain national newspapers had a different agenda… Continue reading “‘Away WITH The Manger’ in the newspapers”

Around The World In 80 Sales… of Mothers Day Songs!

Our Mothers Day songs available on two different Mothers Day CD’s, really have gone round the world…

Our First Mothers Day - Early Years Mother Day Songs
‘Our First Mothers Day’ – Early Years Mother Day Songs

It’s nearly Mother’s Day! No, I’ve not gone mad… In the UK Mother’s day is always in March or April, but in the rest of the world, Mothers Day is the second Sunday in May. That’s why I love this time of year. As all our overseas customers buy Mothers Day songs from us and it reminds me of how many corners of the world our music and resources are reaching into. Just in the last few days alone we’ve had sales in the USA, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Italy and even Trinidad and Tobago!

The Mothers Day Assembly CD - With Mothers Day songs and resources for ages 5-11
The Mothers Day Assembly CD – With Mothers Day songs and resources for ages 5-11

I actually have a list in my desk drawer of all the countries where we’ve ever sold a product. I started it 10 years ago and the list is growing bigger and bigger every year! I made myself a promise that one day I’d visit all those countries, but as the list is now getting so long, I’m not sure it will ever be possible (but I’d like to try)!

One of the main areas of success behind the worldwide appeal of our Mother’s Day songs has been our YouTube Mother’s Day songs videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/Learn2soarMusic

Between them these videos have now had over 150,000 views. Each video shows images of mothers from a variety of cultures, races and backgrounds, giving a truly global feel to Mother’s day.

To find out more about the Mother’s Day songs we have on sale, please click here:

Learn2soar Mothers Day Songs and Resources

So Happy Mother’s Day to all our overseas customers and I’ll carry on dreaming about visiting all your wonderful countries one day!

Learn2soar Safe From Heartbleed Bug

If you’ve been concerned by the recent Heartbleed Bug, don’t worry, we’re on top of it as our website has been protected from it.

Learn2soar safe from the heartbleed bug
Learn2soar safe from the heartbleed bug

You may have recently heard news about the ‘heartbleed bug’, a security vulnerability in the OpenSSL software used by around 70% of the world’s websites. Our Learn2soar.co.uk website was one of those affected. However, earlier last week the vulnerability was addressed and our site is now again 100% safe.

Furthermore, we are happy to report that to date we have absolutely no evidence that neither our website nor any of our tens of thousands of registered customers were affected by this vulnerability in any way whatsoever. No worries.

As always, we take the safety and security of our customers very seriously. Our website is protected by the highest levels of security encryption software. Customer details are held securely. We never store sensitive information like payment details. And we never share customer data with third parties in any way shape or form.

If you would like to discuss any of this with us further please contact us here.

Palm Sunday Is Missing!!!

Palm Sunday is sadly ignored by most modern calenders, but this sad omission may be indicative of modern society’s uncaring side…

On the wall in my office is a wall planner published by ‘Teach Primary’. It contains an extensive list of important dates from many world religions including obvious events like Christmas, Easter, Ramadan and Diwali, as well as more minor dates like All Saints Day and Ash Wednesday. As I was studying the planner recently I noticed a surprising omission. Palm Sunday was missing! Later, I checked all the other diaries and calendars around our house and found that only one noted that this coming Sunday April 13th would be Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday Musical: The Donkeys Tale
Palm Sunady Musical: The Donkeys Tale

I believe that Palm Sunday is an important date and shouldn’t be ignored. That’s one of the reasons why I recently published a short Palm Sunday children’s musical: ‘The Donkey’s Tale’, which tells the story of Palm Sunday from the donkey’s point of view. As Jesus entered Jerusalem on a humble donkey, the people shouted ‘Hosanna’, which literally means ‘save us’.

The people of Jerusalem were hoping that Jesus would save them from Roman occupation. Of course that wasn’t the case, but the reason this story always impacts me is because it reminds me of all the people in our world today who are also shouting ‘save me’…

Famine, floods, earthquakes Continue reading “Palm Sunday Is Missing!!!”

New Learn2soar Blog


Welcome to the new Learn2soar Blog

b2Hello, I’m Stuart Ross, the main composer and managing director here at Learn2soar Music. Welcome to my new blog.

Below you’ll find a complete record of all our previous monthly news articles stretching back to 2011, and above you’ll hopefully soon find lots of new material, news and articles over the coming months and years…

In the future I intend to use this blog to share new content and ideas for use with children  in schools and churches.  I’ll also be giving an insight into the background work that goes into writing school songs, musicals and resources, as well as up to date news about new releases and other exciting developments here at Learn2soar.

If you have any ideas for content you’d like to see added, just leave a comment below.

Please note that this blog replaces the  Learn2soar ‘News’ webpage, which has now been removed.

By Learn2soar Music

Our First Spring

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: February 2014

NEW: ‘Our First Spring’ – songs and play for ages 2-7

Our First Spring Songs and Assembly Material
Our First Spring Songs and Assembly Material

Sing-a-long to spring with ‘Our First Spring‘, which can either be used as a fun singing CD, or as a simple musical play suitable for Easter / spring performances! It contains 6 spring songs, all based on nursery rhymes / familiar tunes. Easy enough to rehearse and stage in just a day or two.This product comes with TWO editable, rhyming scripts which tell the story of a newly hatched chick searching for her mother. On her journey she comes across many signs of spring including other friendly newborn animals and a not so friendly big bad wolf! Printable masks are included for every character, so there’s no need to worry about having to sort out costumes.

For further details visit the product page here.

By Learn2soar Music

The Donkey’s Tale

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: January 2014

NEW: ‘The Donkeys Tale’ – Easter Musical for ages 7-11

The Donkeys Tale
Easter Musical: The Donkeys Tale

EE-Awwwwww! ‘The Donkey’s Tale‘ is a NEW Easter / Palm Sunday mini-musical, perfect for school assemblies or church performances. Little Donkey has never let anyone ride him before. He’s worried because he knows that he’ll have to be ridden very soon. As his mother tries to reassure him, two men called James and John turn up to take the donkey to see someone called Jesus! Little Donkey is about to be thrown in the deep end as he carries Jesus on the first Palm Sunday!

The Donkeys Tale contains 6 catchy songs, along with all the backing music tracks so there’s no need for a pianist. You also receive TWO time-saving scripts, PowerPoints, sheet music and plenty of free added resources. Easy enough to rehearse and stage in just a few days.

For more information please visit The Donkeys Tale page here.  

By Learn2soar Music

Publishing Plans for 2014

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: December 2013

Exciting NEW products planned for the new year…

We have SEVEN new CDs/Downloads in the pipeline for 2014:

1. OUR FIRST SPRING: Springtime songs, scripts and resources for Early Years and Infants (Ages 2-7). Expected Jan/Feb.

2. THE DONKEYS TALE: A short simple musical for Easter, telling the story of the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem. (Ages 7-11). Expected Jan/Feb.

3. ZOOMING ON: A new primary school leavers assembly CD. (Ages 10-11). Expected May/June.

4. New All Year Round Musical… watch this page for something exciting hopefully arriving Summer 2014 (Ages 7-11). Expected May/June.

5. OUR FIRST AUTUMN: Autumn / Harvest songs, scripts and resources for Early Years and Infants (Ages 2-7). Expected Aug/Sept.

6. A CHRISTMAS TOY STORY: Christmas toys come to life on Christmas Eve for a fun festive musical (Ages 5-11). Expected Sept/Oct.

7. OUR FIRST NATIVITY 2: A second volume of our best selling product ever. (Ages 2-5). Expected Sept/Oct.

Disclaimer: All of the above mentioned products are planned for release during 2014. However, there is no guarantee that any of them will be released within this timeframe.

By Learn2soar Music

Christmas Play In ONE DAY!

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: November 2013

NEW: Christmas Play In ONE DAY! For Ages 7-11

Christmas Play In One Day Christmas Nativity Play
Christmas Play In One Day Christmas Nativity Play

We have a new CD/Download out, just in time for the busy run up to Christmas. The ultimate time saver for busy teachers… ‘Christmas Play In One Day‘ does what it says on the tin. It provides you with a fun instant, ready to use Christmas play for ages 7-11. It has two editable scripts and 6 easy to learn songs, all available for instant download at just £9.99 with no performance licence required.

Christmas Play In ONE DAY includes a playscript titled ‘The Santa Trap’. This humorous play is set the night before Christmas and tells of Santa’s secret visit to deliver presents to a children’s hospital. But things don’t go to plan as the children trap him and beg him to use his magic to grants their Christmas wishes!

Click here to learn more about ‘Christmas Play In ONE DAY’!

By Learn2soar Music

Christmas Around The World

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: October 2013

‘The Real Saint Nick’, Re-branded as ‘Christmas Around The World’

One of our most popular products has just had a make over! ‘The Real Saint Nick’  has been re-branded with a new look and a new title. It’s now ‘Christmas Around The World: The Real Saint Nick‘. The contents of the product are more or less the same, but as a response to customer requests, we’ve renamed and re-branded this product to make the subject of the production much clearer.  Here’s what a few teachers have had to say about it:

Christmas Around The World The Real Saint Nick Christmas Play
Christmas Around The World The Real Saint Nick Christmas Play

So good: “Every year we buy a learn2soar Christmas play with a pack of rehearsal CDs. We did ‘The Real Saint Nick’ two years ago. The songs and scripts are SO GOOD! And with all the extra free stuff that’s included it’s such great value. Great service too. Thank you.

Amazing: “The Real Saint nick is an amazing play! We did it last year and the parents and children just loved it! I really would recommend it to anyone.”

For further details visit the product page here: Christmas Around The World: The Real Saint Nick

By Learn2soar Music

What A Star!

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: September 2013

NEW: ‘What A Star’ – Nativity Play for Ages 3-7

What A Star Nativity Play
What A Star Nativity Play

Out now, What a Star tells the enchanting story of Leo the little star who is shy and not very good at shining. But despite his size, Leo is still given a really important job to do, over a big town called Bethlehem! Can he pull it off? What a Star is suitable for ages 3-7. It contains two different editable, rhyming scripts. A fun play script with dozens of parts and a simple narrators’ parts only script for younger children. With 9 catchy, easy-to-learn songs, this is sure to become a favourite in many Early Years / Infant departments around the world.

For more information please visit the What a Star page by clicking HERE!

By Learn2soar Music

Is it Summer time or Harvest time?

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: August 2013

It’s summer, but it’s our Harvest products that are HOT!

H-A-R-V-E-S-T Spells Harvest Assembly Songs Play and performance
H-A-R-V-E-S-T Spells Harvest Assembly Songs Play and performance

Yes, it’s August! Most people’s favourite month of the year… summer holidays, sun, sea, relaxation. Surely it’s not a time to be thinking about school matters? Or is it? Every year we are staggered at the amount of sales we make during August! It seems that most of you teachers are so dedicated that you’re doing your planning and purchasing on the beach! And at the moment what’s hot isn’t the deck chair, but our range of harvest CDs and downloads.

Each one is ready-to-use with harvest songs and scripts and contains everything you need for a wonderful harvest assembly. Download now from as little as £5.99.




Looking back over 10 amazing years!

It’s party time here at Learn2soar Music as we celebrate our 10th birthday! But where on earth have the last 10 years gone? Our managing director Stuart Ross says:

“When I think back to the summer of 2003 and what little we started learn2soar with, it’s a miracle that we have grown so much. My secondment as a music advisor had come to an end and I had a choice to either go back to my old job of being a primary school teacher (which I loved doing) or starting a new business producing music for schools. The business idea won and the rest is history… well sort of.

It’s a miracle we got through those first few years. At that time my wife was between jobs herself and we had 2 young children. We put the mortgage on hold, tightened our belts, prayed a lot and just scraped by! Only having five titles on sale at the time didn’t help and it was only by providing a high volume of school workshops, along with a grant from the Arts Council, which helped us to live from day to day.

As I was gradually able to produce more and more titles each year, the sales grew and the real turning point came in 2007 when I produced…C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas For JUNIORS Nativity Play


C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas For Juniors’.

… The glowing feedback from schools was like nothing we’d ever seen before. It was simply overwhelming and then the icing on the cake was when the BBC broadcast a large section of it over the Christmas holidays. The following year, sales went through the roof and have been growing steadily ever since. One thing we’re particularly proud of is that we’ve never used a bank loan or overdraft. We only ever spend what we take in, never go into debt and give regularly to charity. It’s not the way most businesses work, but it’s really worked well for us!

We estimate that we’ve now supplied music to around 40% of the UK and Ireland’s schools and we regularly sell to customers in about 40 countries around the world. Hopefully over the next 10 years we can see Learn2soar… soar even higher!”

To all our customers, friends, family, supporters, helpers… thank you soooo much for all your love, support and encouragement over the years!

By Learn2soar Music

Songs 4 Assemblies KS2… REMIXED!


Junior Assembly Songs Remix & New Assembly Material

Songs for Assemblies KS2 Ages 7-11
Songs for Assemblies KS2 Ages 7-11

Songs 4 Assemblies KS2 was originally written and recorded back in 2004. Since then a lot of things have changed and some of the assembly themes clearly needed altering, particularly the assembly about Lance Armstrong being a good role model!!! We have therefore edited and rewritten some of the assembly scripts and while we were remastering the CD, we also took the opportunity to either remix or re-record every song on the album. We’ve also added PowerPoint words and redesigned the CD ROM section. All in all, this CD has been given a serious polish and we’re sure you’ll love the results!

 If you purchased the previous version of this product (purchased before June 2013) and would like to upgrade, then download customers can do so for free, just email us at info@learn2soar.co.uk with the details of your previous order. If you purchased the CD version, then upgrade by purchasing the £6 ‘EXTRA CD’ option from the drop down on the ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2’ page.

By Learn2soar Music

Leavers Assembly CDs


Journey On Leavers Assembly CD
Journey On Leavers Assembly CD

Ready-to-use Leaver’s Assemblies  

The end of the school year can be so stressful, so why make it worse for yourself by trying to create your own leavers assembly? Let us do the work for you!

We have 4 titles which can be downloaded right now for as little as £5.99. All contain leavers songs, scripts and more and are ready to go…

  • MOVING ON Leavers Assembly
  • JOURNEY ON Leavers Assembly
  • RACING ON Leavers Assembly
  • The Flight Of The Songbirds Leavers Musical

View all of our Leavers Assemblies here.

By Learn2soar Music

Summer Term Music Workshops


Ready for a music workshop?

School Music Workshops
Learn2soar Music Workshops

It’s nearly summer which means it’s our time to book a summer term school music workshop. Our managing director Stuart Ross (who has composed or co-written just about everything on our website) is available to visit your establishment to thrill your pupils with one of his amazing music workshops. Stuart has composed many songs and musicals which are used by schools all over the globe. He will gladly pass on some of his songwriting expertise in a ‘Pop Star’ writing and recording workshop (ages 7-11).

 In addition, Stuart who is a former specialist music teacher, is prepared to enthral your pupils with his fun-tastic ‘I Am The Music Man’ workshop for all ages from 2-11.

For more information about Learn2soar music workshops or to make a booking, click here.

By Learn2soar Music

Happy New Year

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: January 2013

Happy new year!

Not long to go to Mothers Day and Easter.

Look out for our adverts in the Education press and around the web…

Easter Assemblies and Mothers Day Songs Advert
Easter Assemblies and Mothers Day Songs Advert

By Learn2soar Music

New Look Website

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: December 2012

New look website on the way!

New Look Website
New Look Website

Over the next few months we’re making some subtle but important changes to our website. The home page will feature much more information and the navigation structure is being altered to make it easier for you to find what you want. In addition we’re launching a new category page for the popular ‘Our First’ range of CDs and downloads. We’ve got six titles so far and there’s more planned for the future.

If you see any way that our website could be improved then please let us know.

By Learn2soar Music

Away WITH The Manger

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: November 2012

NEW: ‘Away WITH The Manger’ For ages 7+

Away WITH The Manger Christmas Nativity Play
Away WITH The Manger Christmas Nativity Play

Synopsis: Get ready for the craziest Christmas play you’ve ever seen. Your audience will be in stitches! This new Christmas play tells the funny story of two bungling burglars who are on the run with a bag of stolen jewels. The jewels are hidden in the local school’s nativity manger and now the comical crooks want them back! As the pupils prepare for their nativity, mayhem ensues, but one thing is clear… crime doesn’t pay!

News: The main composer of ‘Away WITH The Manger’, Stuart Ross says, “It’s been five years since my young daughter Corinne first came up with the idea for ‘Away WITH The Manger‘. After a lot of hard work from a lot of people, it’s finally here. And out of all the many plays I’ve written over the years, this is already my favourite! The children who sung on the CD also had more fun with it than any other they’ve done, as you’ll hear from their amazing vocal performances. I know that you will absolutely love it too!” We’ve now also had the CD re-mastered by the same mastering engineer who works with the band ‘Scouting For Girls’ and we are loving the results! It’s obvious that you like it too as it’s been flying off the shelf!

Learn more about Away WITH The Manger here.

By Learn2soar Music

Win Our First Christmas Play

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: October 2012

Teach Nursery Review & Competition

Win Our First Christmas Play
Win Our First Christmas Play

Our First Christmas Play’ has been featured in this month’s Teach Nursery magazine. Here’s some of what they have written,

“No Christmas is complete without a performance and ‘Our First Christmas Play’ has EVERYTHING you need to put on one to remember!”

Furthermore, courtesy of Teach Nursery we’re giving away 5 copies of ‘Our First Christmas Play’. To win a copy head over to the Teach Nursery website.

 PLEASE NOTE: The above competition has now closed. Congratulations to the winners.

By Learn2soar Music

Our First Christmas Play

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: September 2012

NEW: ‘Our First Christmas Play’ For ages 2-5

Our First Christmas Play
Our First Christmas Play

At last, we’ve released a follow up to our best seller ‘Our First Nativity’. ‘Our First Christmas Play’ tells the story of ‘Forgetful Santa’ who knows that he’s forgotten to do something very important… but he can’t remember what! With help from Mrs Claus and the elves he eventually remembers, but not before your cast has sung several fabulous Christmas songs about trees, cards, Christmas dinner, presents and more! To find out more about ‘Our First Christmas Play’ and to hear samples, click here.

By Learn2soar Music

Our First Harvest

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: August 2012

NEW: ‘Our First Harvest’ For ages 2-6

Our First Harvest Songs and assembly material
Our First Harvest Songs and assembly material

At last, a harvest songs and resource CD just for early years, featuring seven catchy songs and two editable harvest assembly scripts especially for Early Years / Infants… ASSEMBLY 1: A class assembly script with enough lines to read out even for the largest of classes. And if it’s too long, easily use the included editable assembly script to cut out whatever you want. In this assembly there are different subjects for each of the seven letters that spell harvest. H is for harvest, A is for autumn, R is for roots, etc… ASSEMBLY 2: This assembly has been designed to be read out by one teacher / headteacher / visiting speaker on his / her own. It contains all the best bits of the above assembly but in a slightly different format, with an added assembly story.

To find out more about ‘Our First Harvest’ and to hear song samples click here.

By Learn2soar Music

What Do You Want Us To Publish?


qWhat do you want to see?

Every year we manage to release at least 3 or 4 new publications. At the moment we’re trying to plan our release schedule for the next few years and we’re happy to say that we have lots of exciting new ideas. The trouble is that we’re not sure what to prioritise? Therefore we’re asking for your input. What would you like to see us produce:

  • More Christmas plays
  • More ‘All Year Round’ musicals
  • More Early Years Resources
  • More Assembly Resources
  • Anything else?

You can let us know by contacting us here.

By Learn2soar Music

Prices On Hold


Prices stay the same again!

pholdWe’ve completed a price review and despite pressure to increase prices we’re very pleased to say that for the second year running our prices are to remain unchanged!

And having looked at our competitors prices we still believe that we have the lowest prices around, but still offer far more than any of them. None of our competitors provide all this:

  • editable scripts
  • vocal tracks sung by age appropriate children
  • backing tracks
  • sheet music
  • PowerPoint lyrics
  • PowerPoint scenery
  • assembly material
  • detailed staging advice
  • sing-a-long videos
  • printable resources
  • and more!

If you do find another company offering comparable products for less, then please let us know as we refuse to be beaten on price.

By Learn2soar Music

School Music Workshops


music workshops
music workshops

Time to book your Summer music workshop

The summer term is always our busiest time for school music workshops and as usual our main composer Stuart Ross is ready and willing to visit your school to thoroughly entertain the children with one of his dazzling music workshops.

Stuart has written hundreds of songs that are used by children all round the world and is eager to pass on his song writing skills through one of his ‘Pop Star’ song writing and recording workshops for ages 7-11.

Stuart is also a former teacher and schools music advisor who plays about a dozen musicals instruments and he’s raring to entertain your pupils through his ‘I Am The Music Man’ workshop for all ages from 2-11 with different programmes available depending on the age/ability of the children.

For more information about Learn2soar music workshops or to make a booking, click here.

By Learn2soar Music

Our First Mothers Day


Our First Mothers Day Songs and Assembly Material
Our First Mothers Day Songs and Assembly Material

NEW: ‘Our First Mothers Day’ for ages 3-7

Perfect for your Mothers Day celebrations, ‘Our First Mothers Day’ is a time-saving Mothers Day song collection & childrens performance especially for very young children. It contains 7 catchy Mothers Day songs, all of which are based on familiar tunes. Plus a ready-to-use, editable Mothers Day story presentation which cleverly links all the songs together. It tells of a young child who is getting ready for Mothers Day. The card has been made and the flowers are ready… but then… disaster strikes! Alex’s dog eats the card and flowers! Find out how Alex still makes Mothers day special.

By Learn2soar Music

Our First Easter SHOW

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: February 2012

Our First Easter SHOW
Our First Easter SHOW

NEW: ‘Our First Easter SHOW’ for ages 3-7

All you need for a simple Early Years / Infant Easter performance. ‘Our First Easter Show’ can either be used as a simple Easter ‘sing-along’ CD, an Easter assembly CD or a short simple musical play! It contains NINE superbly simple Easter songs and two editable scripts. The main script is a rhyming playscript with parts for dozens of children, which links the 9 Easter songs together with the story of a group of animals who are learning about Easter. A second script, which is a basic presentation of various Easter traditions is also included, especially suitable for the youngest of children.

By Learn2soar Music

NEW: Our First Easter PLAY

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: January 2012

Our First Easter Play
Our First Easter Play

NEW: ‘Our First Easter PLAY’ for ages 3-7

‘Our First Easter Play’ is a fun, simple, ready-to-use ‘Easter story’ song collection & class assembly CD, especially for Early Years or Infants, though it can also be used with older children. It contains 9 superbly simple ‘Easter story’ songs all based on familiar tunes or nursery rhymes and beautifully sung by a young child. It also contains two time-saving editable scripts which re-tell the traditional ‘Easter story’ of Jesus in a fun, child friendly way.

By Learn2soar Music


Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: November 2011

NEW: ‘Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem’

Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem: Christmas Musical Nativity PlaySure to get audiences giggling, ‘Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem’ is a fun-filled nativity play written in the style of ‘Horrid Henry’. Poor Mr & Mrs Innkeeper have a problem! Their son Ben, is a bit of a handful. Who on earth would want to stay at Bethlehem’s inn while Big Bad Ben is causing mischief and mayhem with his practical jokes? Fortunately, help is on hand through a strange visitor… Super-Nanny Gabriel will help Ben to become better behaved and get him to clean up the inn, just in case any shepherds or wise men might come to visit! Suitable for most age ranges, this new nativity play features 10 easy-to-learn, fun songs plus all the backing music so there’s no need for a pianist. It also comes with a time-saving, editable script, PowerPoint scenery, PowerPoint song words, sheet music and more. To find out more about Big Bad Ben, click here.

By Learn2soar Music