Away WITH The Manger

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: November 2012

NEW: ‘Away WITH The Manger’ For ages 7+

Away WITH The Manger Christmas Nativity Play
Away WITH The Manger Christmas Nativity Play

Synopsis: Get ready for the craziest Christmas play you’ve ever seen. Your audience will be in stitches! This new Christmas play tells the funny story of two bungling burglars who are on the run with a bag of stolen jewels. The jewels are hidden in the local school’s nativity manger and now the comical crooks want them back! As the pupils prepare for their nativity, mayhem ensues, but one thing is clear… crime doesn’t pay!

News: The main composer of ‘Away WITH The Manger’, Stuart Ross says, “It’s been five years since my young daughter Corinne first came up with the idea for ‘Away WITH The Manger‘. After a lot of hard work from a lot of people, it’s finally here. And out of all the many plays I’ve written over the years, this is already my favourite! The children who sung on the CD also had more fun with it than any other they’ve done, as you’ll hear from their amazing vocal performances. I know that you will absolutely love it too!” We’ve now also had the CD re-mastered by the same mastering engineer who works with the band ‘Scouting For Girls’ and we are loving the results! It’s obvious that you like it too as it’s been flying off the shelf!

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