Short Nativity Plays – Top 10

At this time of year, when it’s only a matter of weeks to Christmas day, internet searches for ‘Short Nativity Plays’ go up and up, as stressed teachers who have left nativity preparations to the last minute frantically search for a quick, short, simple fix. Well, with flexible, editable scripts and running times as short as 8 minutes, we can definitely help you keep your nativity plays as short as you want. Below is a list of our top 10 shortest nativity plays, that are also very quick to rehearse.

Short Nativity Plays

Flexibility is key

We currently have a few dozen Christmas nativity plays on sale (with more in the pipeline), and just about all of them contain multiple script variations, with narrated versions and playscript versions. In addition, all are fully editable and allow you to easily tailor the performance to your own circumstances. With this in mind, the timings below are based on you using the simplest script variation, as well as slimming it down as much as possible, by cutting out any unnecessary scenes and leaving out some of the songs.

Short Nativity Plays or Quick Rehearsal Nativities?

Something else to consider is that when people search for ‘Short Nativity Plays’, what they often want  is something that is quick and easy to rehearse. Therefore, although most of our nativity publications can be slimmed down to a 10 minute show, in this list we have stuck to the ones that are quickest to rehearse.

Top 10 Short Nativity Plays

So here is the list of our top 10 ‘Short Nativity Plays’ starting with the shortest:

1. Christmas Play In ONE Day (Also known as ‘The Santa Trap’)

  • Minimum Running Time = 8 minutes
  • Minimum Rehearsal Time = 1 day
  • Age Range = 6 to 11
  • Cast Size = 17 to 200+
Christmas Play In One Day
Christmas Play In One Day

DESCRIPTION: The ultimate time-saver for busy teachers! A simple, fun, alphabetic Christmas play with lots of added resources, giving you all you need for an instant, ready-to-use Christmas performance for ages 6-11.
The included playscript is titled ‘The Santa Trap’. This humorous play is set on Christmas Eve and tells the story of Santa’s secret visit to a children’s hospital ward to fill the children’s stockings. But things don’t go to plan as the children catch him and won’t let him go until he grants their wishes! Santa then asks his elves and reindeer to put on a brilliant ‘A-Z of Christmas’ performance for the patients, which your audience will love. An OPTIONAL nativity scene is also included.
For more details, or to buy ‘Christmas Play In One Day’ now, click here.

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Cool Carols – New Christmas Carol based nativity play musical

Cool Carols – Released 1st Nov 2019 – Ages 7 to 11 – Two traditional rhyming nativity play scripts, mixed with 9 carols, all with a modern sound.

What’s NEW?
Cool Carols - Nativity Play
Cool Carols – Nativity Play

‘Cool Carols’ is a fast, flexible, nativity play musical. Two traditional rhyming nativity scripts (one a play script, one a narrated script), have been mixed with nine traditional carols and two new songs, all of which have a 21st century sound. This superb combination allows you to easily produce the perfect nativity production that will be a hit with kids and parents. It comes with vocal tracks sung by an eleven year old, backing tracks, editable scripts, PowerPoint scenery, PowerPoint song words, sheet music, staging advice and more.

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Best Selling Nativity Play – Our First Nativity

Our First Nativity Christmas Nativity Play

In the run up to Christmas we’re going to use our monthly blog posts to take a look at our best selling Nativities. We’re starting with our all time best selling nativity play: ‘Our First Nativity‘.

Published in 2011, Our First Nativity quickly rocketed to the top of our list of best sellers. It’s total sales are over 50% higher than any other item we’ve ever sold. (Although ‘Our First Nativity TWO’ is quickly gaining ground on it). So why is ‘Our First Nativity’ our best selling nativity play? Continue reading “Best Selling Nativity Play – Our First Nativity”

Contact Us Day Or Night

As we approach the busiest few weeks of the year for Christmas Nativity Plays, we wanted to remind you that we’re always available to offer customer support in any way we can. You can easily contact us day or night, 7 days a week.

Contact Us 24/7
Contact Customer Support

We are very proud of the fact that our customer satisfaction ratings are very high, and the number of people requiring any type of customer support is always extremely low. But if you are one of the few who needs help editing your script, or copying some music, or re-accessing a download, or if your dog’s eaten your CD and your show’s the next day… please don’t suffer in silence. Contact us at ANY time of the day or night and we’ll always try to help in any way we can, as a matter of urgency.

Our phone lines are open from 8am to 6pm, Mon-Fri (London UK time). But outside of those hours you can still contact us in the evenings or at weekends in one of two ways:


Email us at with your question. You should hear back from us within a few hours at the most. You can also ask for a call back. Just email us your phone number and tell us the best time to call.


Call one of the numbers below and leave a message after the tone. We do often check for messages left outside of normal work hours, and we always respond as soon as we possibly can.


Whichever way you contact us, please remember to leave your name, address, phone number , email address, and if applicable, your order number. We look forward to hearing from you.


CALL CENTRE: (+44) 0844 357 8473
HEAD OFFICE: (+44) 0161 9479 222


Not just for schools: Our top ten church nativity plays

Yes, we DO sell ‘church nativity plays’, as well as ‘school nativity plays’, and guess what? They’re the same thing! This may sound like an odd thing to say, but recently it’s become clear to us that not everyone understands this!

Church Nativity Plays
Church Nativity Plays

It’s been a good year for us at Learn2soar Music, particularly in terms of sales. But to our disappointment we recently discovered that we’ve not sold as many nativities to churches this year as we have previously. Our research showed that more people than ever had googled for ‘church nativity plays’, or ‘Sunday school’ or ‘Christian’ nativity plays. However, for the first time in 15 years a low number of those searches converted into actual sales.

This is upsetting and frustrating because the truth is, ALL of our Nativity plays are suitable for church use. In addition, all of our Christmas musicals and plays (i.e. non-nativity stories) still feature the true message of Christmas in one way or another. Continue reading “Not just for schools: Our top ten church nativity plays”

Very Pinteresting – Learn2soar Music is now on Pinterest

Learn2soar Music now on Pinterest
We’re now on Pinterest

We’re delighted to announce that Learn2soar Music has now begun placing links to resources and ideas on Pinterest:

To start with we’ve created 4 boards for:

  • Leavers Assembly Ideas
  • Nativity Play Scripts/Songs/Costumes/Ideas
  • Mothers Day Ideas
  • Harvest Assembly Songs and Ideas

In addition to linking to our most popular products, each board also contains art/craft ideas, printable resources, costume / staging ideas, inspirational quotes / prayers and even one or two recipe suggestions! Over the coming months we hope to keep adding more and more.

If you’re on Pinterest already then please give us a like or a follow. And if you’re not on Pinterest yet, then you probably should consider it! It only takes a minute to sign up and you’ll find it full of valuable ideas and resources for every school / church / children’s group.

Head over to our Pinterest page here:

Learn2soar Now On Pinterest

Learn2soar Music 2015 Publishing Plans

LEARN2SOAR MUSIC 2015 NEWS: January 2015

This time last year we revealed plans for 7 new publications, but as the year progressed we were sadly only able to publish 4 of them. This was because of the huge amount of time and man power needed to completely overhaul our Learn2soar Music 2015 website. As the new year gets underway, we will still be spending the first few months on major changes to, but later in the year we will hopefully be publishing the following exciting new titles…

Learn2soar Music 2015 Publishing Schedule
Learn2soar Music 2015 Publishing Schedule

1. THE SINGING SCARECROW: A new musical for ages 5-11, written for Harvest festivals, but equally suitable for any time of the year.

2. A CHRISTMAS TOY STORY: Christmas toys come to life on Christmas Eve for a fun festive musical (Ages 5-11). Expected Sept/Oct.

3. THE FARMYARD NATIVITY: Old MacDonald stages a nativity, E-I-E-I-O!!!  A fun-filled festive treat with a farmyard twist for ages 2-5. Expected Oct/Nov.

4. COOL CAROLS: (Ages 7-11) Traditional carols with a new fun nativity script. This product will be a complete overhaul of our existing Nativity Play ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ (from 2004). All songs are being edited / re-mastered / re-recorded, along with a few new songs and new scripts. Expected September 2015.

5. NATIVITY PLAY IN ONE DAY: (Ages 5-11) The follow-up to our popular ‘Christmas Play In One Day’. The ultimate time-saver for busy nativity play organisers everywhere. Six simple songs with a simple nativity script enabling you to easily stage a nativity show in just a few hours. Expected late 2015.

Disclaimer: All of the above planned Learn2soar Music 2015 products are scheduled for release during 2015. However, there is no guarantee that any of them will be released within this timeframe.

By Learn2soar Music

What A Star Nativity Play: How your children can shine like stars!

‘What A Star’ is a groundbreaking nativity play designed to boost your children’s self-image. This blog looks at how and why it was made.

Early in 2013 I had an idea for a new nativity play for young children. The premise was simple: a little star who wasn’t very good at shining would be chosen by God to become the brightest star of all, shining over Bethlehem, guiding the wise men to visit the newborn baby Jesus.
What A Star - How your children can shine like stars
I suggested the idea to my teenage daughter, who ran with it. Within a few days she had enterprisingly produced the first draft of what would become: ‘What A Star!’ A nativity play for ages 3-7. In her script, my daughter had introduced the idea of the star going to ‘star-school’, but being the worst in the class at everything, getting teased by other ‘bigger, better stars’ and feeling unhappy at being so small and shy. By the end of the play of course, Leo the little star becomes the biggest, brightest, most important star of all, as he shines over Bethlehem’s stable.

All good and well, but what surprised me most was that my daughter had chosen to give this star a name… Leo! Having written dozens of nativity plays over the years, my first instinct was to change the name or remove it altogether. But then I thought about the significance of this tiny name…

Straight away, I should state that I never read horoscopes, or take any interest in star signs or the zodiac, but I do know that because my birthday is in late July, my star sign is ‘Leo’. Therefore, as I read the first draft of the script, I immediately felt a connection to this little star, who didn’t feel as good as all the larger, older stars in his class.

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BRAND NEW: Our First Nativity 2

Due to popular demand, we’ve created a follow-up to our biggest seller: ‘Our First Nativity 2’ is out now…

Our First Nativity One & Two
Our First Nativity & Our First Nativity TWO

Back in August 2010 I had one of my better ideas, to create the simplest nativity play possible for very young children, calling it ‘Our First Nativity’. A few months later it went on sale and we were astounded by the response. It was soon outselling all our other products combined and has now gone on to become our all time best-selling product by a long way.

It has since spawned a whole host of related early years products, ‘Our First Harvest’, ‘Our First Easter Play’, ‘Our First Easter Show’, ‘Our First Spring’, ‘Our First Mothers Day’ and ‘Our First Christmas Play’, all of which have done well in their own right. I had planned to give the ‘Our First’ range a bit of a break, but then last year I had a few very interesting phone conversations…  Over the course of a two-week period I spoke to several customers who all said the same thing, that they had bought ‘Our First Nativity’  when it had first been released and that they loved it SOOOO much that they had decided to re-use it again and again, every year without fail! Wow! Continue reading “BRAND NEW: Our First Nativity 2”

Christmas Plays in the Summer – My Strange World

Our sales of Christmas plays gets earlier each year. This blog discusses the fact that lots of teachers like to be extremely well prepared!

Christmas plays in the summerIt’s the 1st August 2014 and over the last week the sun has been smiling and I’ve been baking on a trip to London. Next week, we’re going on an even hotter holiday to the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece… yet through it all, at the back of my mind, I can’t stop thinking about Christmas plays! Welcome to my weird mixed up world!

I can tell it’s the start of the summer holidays when the first orders for Christmas plays start to come in. Yes, believe it or not, there are a lot of teachers out there, who in their first week of the summer holidays are thinking about where and how they’re going to buy their Christmas plays. I know, some of you are thinking that’s mad, but I call it being amazingly well prepared!

Just in the last week we’ve had good sales for early years Christmas plays, particularly our No. 1 best seller ‘Our First Nativity‘ and our most recent production ‘What A Star‘.

And it’s not just the overly well prepared teachers thinking about festive productions… at this time of year I can’t help but be consumed by the thought of writing new Christmas plays. We have recording days set for a few weeks time to record my new material, so whilst sunbathing on the beaches of Santorini, I’ll hopefully be putting the finishing touches to two of my newest creations: ‘ A Christmas Toy Story’ for ages 5-11 and ‘Our First Nativity 2’ for ages 2-5. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share detailed information about both Christmas plays in the next month.

For now, if you too feel like being overly prepared and a bit festive, then have a look at our current Christmas plays here:

Learn2soar Christmas Plays

Happy Summer Holidays and Happy Christmas!

By Stuart Ross – Learn2soar Music


Publishing Plans for 2014

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: December 2013

Exciting NEW products planned for the new year…

We have SEVEN new CDs/Downloads in the pipeline for 2014:

1. OUR FIRST SPRING: Springtime songs, scripts and resources for Early Years and Infants (Ages 2-7). Expected Jan/Feb.

2. THE DONKEYS TALE: A short simple musical for Easter, telling the story of the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem. (Ages 7-11). Expected Jan/Feb.

3. ZOOMING ON: A new primary school leavers assembly CD. (Ages 10-11). Expected May/June.

4. New All Year Round Musical… watch this page for something exciting hopefully arriving Summer 2014 (Ages 7-11). Expected May/June.

5. OUR FIRST AUTUMN: Autumn / Harvest songs, scripts and resources for Early Years and Infants (Ages 2-7). Expected Aug/Sept.

6. A CHRISTMAS TOY STORY: Christmas toys come to life on Christmas Eve for a fun festive musical (Ages 5-11). Expected Sept/Oct.

7. OUR FIRST NATIVITY 2: A second volume of our best selling product ever. (Ages 2-5). Expected Sept/Oct.

Disclaimer: All of the above mentioned products are planned for release during 2014. However, there is no guarantee that any of them will be released within this timeframe.

By Learn2soar Music

Christmas Around The World

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: October 2013

‘The Real Saint Nick’, Re-branded as ‘Christmas Around The World’

One of our most popular products has just had a make over! ‘The Real Saint Nick’  has been re-branded with a new look and a new title. It’s now ‘Christmas Around The World: The Real Saint Nick‘. The contents of the product are more or less the same, but as a response to customer requests, we’ve renamed and re-branded this product to make the subject of the production much clearer.  Here’s what a few teachers have had to say about it:

Christmas Around The World The Real Saint Nick Christmas Play
Christmas Around The World The Real Saint Nick Christmas Play

So good: “Every year we buy a learn2soar Christmas play with a pack of rehearsal CDs. We did ‘The Real Saint Nick’ two years ago. The songs and scripts are SO GOOD! And with all the extra free stuff that’s included it’s such great value. Great service too. Thank you.

Amazing: “The Real Saint nick is an amazing play! We did it last year and the parents and children just loved it! I really would recommend it to anyone.”

For further details visit the product page here: Christmas Around The World: The Real Saint Nick

By Learn2soar Music

What A Star!

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: September 2013

NEW: ‘What A Star’ – Nativity Play for Ages 3-7

What A Star Nativity Play
What A Star Nativity Play

Out now, What a Star tells the enchanting story of Leo the little star who is shy and not very good at shining. But despite his size, Leo is still given a really important job to do, over a big town called Bethlehem! Can he pull it off? What a Star is suitable for ages 3-7. It contains two different editable, rhyming scripts. A fun play script with dozens of parts and a simple narrators’ parts only script for younger children. With 9 catchy, easy-to-learn songs, this is sure to become a favourite in many Early Years / Infant departments around the world.

For more information please visit the What a Star page by clicking HERE!

By Learn2soar Music



Looking back over 10 amazing years!

It’s party time here at Learn2soar Music as we celebrate our 10th birthday! But where on earth have the last 10 years gone? Our managing director Stuart Ross says:

“When I think back to the summer of 2003 and what little we started learn2soar with, it’s a miracle that we have grown so much. My secondment as a music advisor had come to an end and I had a choice to either go back to my old job of being a primary school teacher (which I loved doing) or starting a new business producing music for schools. The business idea won and the rest is history… well sort of.

It’s a miracle we got through those first few years. At that time my wife was between jobs herself and we had 2 young children. We put the mortgage on hold, tightened our belts, prayed a lot and just scraped by! Only having five titles on sale at the time didn’t help and it was only by providing a high volume of school workshops, along with a grant from the Arts Council, which helped us to live from day to day.

As I was gradually able to produce more and more titles each year, the sales grew and the real turning point came in 2007 when I produced…C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas For JUNIORS Nativity Play


C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas For Juniors’.

… The glowing feedback from schools was like nothing we’d ever seen before. It was simply overwhelming and then the icing on the cake was when the BBC broadcast a large section of it over the Christmas holidays. The following year, sales went through the roof and have been growing steadily ever since. One thing we’re particularly proud of is that we’ve never used a bank loan or overdraft. We only ever spend what we take in, never go into debt and give regularly to charity. It’s not the way most businesses work, but it’s really worked well for us!

We estimate that we’ve now supplied music to around 40% of the UK and Ireland’s schools and we regularly sell to customers in about 40 countries around the world. Hopefully over the next 10 years we can see Learn2soar… soar even higher!”

To all our customers, friends, family, supporters, helpers… thank you soooo much for all your love, support and encouragement over the years!

By Learn2soar Music

Away WITH The Manger

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: November 2012

NEW: ‘Away WITH The Manger’ For ages 7+

Away WITH The Manger Christmas Nativity Play
Away WITH The Manger Christmas Nativity Play

Synopsis: Get ready for the craziest Christmas play you’ve ever seen. Your audience will be in stitches! This new Christmas play tells the funny story of two bungling burglars who are on the run with a bag of stolen jewels. The jewels are hidden in the local school’s nativity manger and now the comical crooks want them back! As the pupils prepare for their nativity, mayhem ensues, but one thing is clear… crime doesn’t pay!

News: The main composer of ‘Away WITH The Manger’, Stuart Ross says, “It’s been five years since my young daughter Corinne first came up with the idea for ‘Away WITH The Manger‘. After a lot of hard work from a lot of people, it’s finally here. And out of all the many plays I’ve written over the years, this is already my favourite! The children who sung on the CD also had more fun with it than any other they’ve done, as you’ll hear from their amazing vocal performances. I know that you will absolutely love it too!” We’ve now also had the CD re-mastered by the same mastering engineer who works with the band ‘Scouting For Girls’ and we are loving the results! It’s obvious that you like it too as it’s been flying off the shelf!

Learn more about Away WITH The Manger here.

By Learn2soar Music

Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: November 2011

NEW: ‘Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem’

Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem: Christmas Musical Nativity PlaySure to get audiences giggling, ‘Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem’ is a fun-filled nativity play written in the style of ‘Horrid Henry’. Poor Mr & Mrs Innkeeper have a problem! Their son Ben, is a bit of a handful. Who on earth would want to stay at Bethlehem’s inn while Big Bad Ben is causing mischief and mayhem with his practical jokes? Fortunately, help is on hand through a strange visitor… Super-Nanny Gabriel will help Ben to become better behaved and get him to clean up the inn, just in case any shepherds or wise men might come to visit! Suitable for most age ranges, this new nativity play features 10 easy-to-learn, fun songs plus all the backing music so there’s no need for a pianist. It also comes with a time-saving, editable script, PowerPoint scenery, PowerPoint song words, sheet music and more. To find out more about Big Bad Ben, click here.

By Learn2soar Music