It’s A Boy

It’s A Boy! Our main composer and managing director Stuart Ross and his wife Rachel have a new addition to their family… Harry Benjamin Ross was born on the 16th Feb 2017. Stuart posted on twitter:

Stuart and Rachel already have two grown up children, Corinne (19) who is at Uni, and Jamie (16) who is currently taking A-levels. Both Corinne and Jamie have helped with the writing and recording of various Learn2soar Music CDs over the years and we feel sure that in the near future you’ll see Harry’s name in the sleeve notes of various Learn2soar products.

CDs vs Downloads in a Children’s Musical – 7 Reasons Downloads Win!

Not every school is luckyCD v Downloads in a Children's Musical enough to have musicians capable of playing along to an entire children’s musical production. That’s why Learn2soar Music provide professional backing music for each children’s musical we sell, so your cast can sing along karaoke style for a fantastic performance. But what format should you use for the backing music? A CD or a download? Every children’s musical we publish is available in both formats, but we believe downloads are always the best choice and easily win the ‘CDs vs Downloads’ battle. Here are 7 reasons why downloads save time, save money, save hassle and even help save the planet…

1. CDs Get Damaged Easily

Are you old enough to remember when the first CDs came out in the early 80s? Manufacturers boldly stated that scratches and dirt would make no difference to the playing quality! Today that claim is almost as laughable as early cigarette advertising which promised ‘amazing health benefits’!  How times change…

We’ve all shared the frustration of finding that our favourite disk is suddenly jumping through the best song and when we examine the disk surface, it’s usually the smallest of scuff marks that’s the problem. Let’s face it, a jumping CD is annoying. However, a jumping CD in the middle of a children’s musical performance is an absolute nightmare! Over the years we’ve sadly heard several horror stories of that very event occurring! Fortunately, digital downloads played through a computer, MP3 player or iPod don’t get dirty or scratched and always play perfectly well. Continue reading “CDs vs Downloads in a Children’s Musical – 7 Reasons Downloads Win!”