Goodbye CD ROMs. Hello streaming! Major changes coming to Learn2soar Music

Over the next few months, big changes are coming to Learn2soar Music. In a nutshell, we will be phasing out all CD ROM product options, with existing digital content moving online instead.

Multipurpose CDs

Currently, all our products are available in one of two ways: Multipurpose CDs or Instant Downloads. But very soon, there will be just one main option for all customers: ‘Instant Online Access’. Allowing you to stream everything you need instantly, from any device. Audio CDs will still be sold as optional extras, but the Multipurpose CD option will go.

What are Multipurpose CDs

Our Multipurpose CDs use ‘Enhanced CD’ technology which combines a traditional audio CD with a CD ROM, all on one disk. Put the disk in any audio CD player and it plays as a standard audio CD. Place the same disk in any computer and it works as a CD ROM, giving access to scripts, sheet music, etc.

Back in 2003, we became the first publishing company to provide our full product range in this format, ditching the old fashioned ‘book and CD’ approach. Over the years it has worked exceedingly well for us, setting us apart, and even ahead of the competition.

However, over the last 2 or 3 years many computer manufacturers have begun phasing out CD drives from new models of computers. If you look around most computer showrooms, less than half of all the models available will still have a CD/DVD drive bay. Then there’s also the problem that many customers no longer have computers in the first place, with most moving to tablets and other mobile devices instead. With this in mind, we feel we have no choice but to also phase out our Multipurpose CDs with their old-fashioned CD ROM sections, and instead move all this content to a new online streaming service.

Instant Downloads

Our ‘Instant Download’ options will also be changing. Currently, an ‘Instant Download’ purchase provides customers with one download file containing vocal tracks, backing tracks, scripts, sheet music, PowerPoints and more, all in one handy ‘Zip folder’. However, here too we’ve had a a few minor technical issues around ‘Zip folder’ technology, which is now seen as ‘old-fashioned’ technology.

We’re pleased though that the few customers that have reported any technical issues have always been impressed by the efficient way we’ve found a quick workaround for them. But we still want to improve the situation so that no customer ever has to report any technical issue again.


Therefore, we’re taking decisive action to change things now. Very soon, ALL Learn2soar customers will have just one main purchase option: ‘Instant Online Access’. This will allow vocal tracks, backing tracks, scripts and more, to be instantly streamed and accessed from a secure customer area on our website. Once checkout is complete, customers will have immediate 24 hour access to every part of the product, on any device, without any problem.

Why don’t you sell books?

It’s true that we could go back to the old approach of selling books. But the reasons for not selling books now, are just as important as when we started in 2003. Firstly, they’re just not as friendly to the environment. Printing exactly what you require from digital scripts saves so much paper, compared to providing a full book for every customer. Never mind the enormous carbon footprint from delivering hundreds of thousands of books around the world. And secondly, digital scripts are so much more flexible. They allow you to quickly edit and change the script in any way you want. You can’t do that with a printed book.


To accommodate these changes, over the last six months we’ve been building a completely new website and it’s nearly ready to go live. No launch date has been set but we’re aiming to launch the new look Learn2soar website within the next few months.


Some products will increase in price a bit, some will decrease. But overall, we still aim to keep the total amount you pay, lower than any of our competitors.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.