Not just for schools: Our top selling church nativity plays

Yes we DO sell ‘church nativity plays’, as well as ‘school nativity plays’, and guess what? They’re the same thing! This may sound like an odd thing to say, but recently it’s become clear to us that not everyone understands this!

Church Nativity Plays
Church Nativity Plays

2016 has been a pretty good year for us at Learn2soar Music in terms of sales. But to our disappointment, we recently discovered that we’ve not sold as many nativities to churches this year as we have done before.

Our research showed that more people than ever had googled for ‘church nativity plays’, or ‘Sunday school’ or ‘Christian’ nativity plays. But for the first time in 15 years, a low number of those searches converted into actual sales.

This is upsetting and frustrating because the truth is, ALL of our Nativity plays are suitable for church use. In addition, all of our Christmas musicals and plays (i.e. non-nativity stories) still feature the true message of Christmas in one way or another.

Not Christian Enough!

We believe we’ve identified the main reasons for the drop and are taking steps to rectify the situation. We’re not going to share all our findings now, but one thing is clear. People searching for ‘Church Nativity Plays’, didn’t think our webpages, or our plays looked “Christian enough”!

One of the main issues it seems, is that our webpages are heavily marketed towards schools, rather than churches. They use terms like ‘teachers’, ‘pupils’ and ‘classes’, rather than ‘congregation’. We make no excuses for this. Schools and preschool establishments around the world are our main customer base. But come on people, let’s be clear. A nativity play, is a nativity play, no matter what setting it’s performed in!

A Modern Twist

Following on from this, another issue seems to be that over the years we’ve given some of our nativity plays a ‘modern twist’. This is evidently deemed to be ‘unholy’ or ‘unbiblical’ in some people’s eyes. Well apart from that being highly debatable, the real question is: Does having a ‘modern twist’ make our nativity plays any less suitable for a church setting? Absolutely not…

Jesus often used parables to explain his teachings. He didn’t just rely on stories from what we now know as the Old Testament. Instead, he created fresh stories that were relevant to the time and culture in which he lived. In the same way, our nativity plays aim to make the biblical nativity story speak in new, fresh and exciting ways to our generation. Surely that’s what any church service should be trying to do. Speak the words of the bible in relevant ways to our modern generation. Thus, at Christmas time, we believe our nativity plays should be number one on the ‘must-do’ list of any church.

Best Selling Church Nativity Plays

Anyway, we’ll get down off our soap-box now and leave you with links to our 5 best-selling church nativity plays. (Which are all very Christian, we promise)…


Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem:

Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem Christmas Musical Nativity Play
Big Bad Ben Of Bethlehem Christmas Musical Nativity Play

Yes, it may seem like a naughty sounding play with a  mischievous title. We can see how that might put some churches off straight away. But that would be a shame as the hilarious nativity ‘Big Bad Ben’ is probably our most unashamedly Christian play. In it the main character, Big Bad Ben (the innkeeper’s son) totally changes his ways when he see’s the face of Jesus. Then, at the end of the play he sings: “I wasn’t looking, but Jesus found me, inside I’ve been changed, look at me and see!” We think you’ll agree, that says it all!


The Right Shepherds:

The Right Shepherds Natvity Play
The Right Shepherds Natvity Play

The Angel Gabriel is on a mission from God to tell the wonderful news of Christ’s birth to some shepherds. The trouble is, Gabriel can’t find the right shepherds, because the worried shepherds, the daydreaming shepherds and the lazy shepherds just won’t do! This nativity musical has a great message for any church congregation as it basically asks the question, what type of shepherd are you? I.e. if God asked you to do something, would you be too lazy, or too worried to actually do it? Or would you obey without question?


Keeping Mr Inn In The Inn:

Keeping Mr Inn In the Inn Christmas Nativity Play
Keeping Mr Inn In the Inn Christmas Nativity Play

A relatively short, simple, tongue-twisting nativity performance. There are two innkeepers in Bethlehem – Mr. Inn & Mr. Out! One day the town council announces that one of their inns must be demolished to make way for a multi-storey CAMEL park! Which inn will go? Will Inn be in and Out be out, or Out be in and Inn be out??!!! This nativity play for ages 5-11 also features the themes of miracles and answered prayers.


C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas For INFANTS and
C-H-R… Spells Christmas For JUNIORS:


The nativity story told through the letters that spell the word Christmas. Very simple, extremely effective and a LOT of fun! You can’t go wrong with it. TIP: A lot of churches / Sunday schools with wide age ranges tend to buy both versions of this play and merge them together.


Our First Nativity Our First Nativity TWO:


These two early years performances are our best-selling nativity plays. The nativity in its simplest form possible. Great for very young children, but if you have a very wide age range don’t be put off by the title. We know of many churches who have used these nativities with all ages, by simply missing out the first song. A guaranteed winner!

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