Learn2soar News Update

News Update from Stuart Ross (Main Composer and Managing Director of Learn2soar Music)

My Left Foot
My Left Foot

Yesterday I had a 5 hour operation on my left foot to correct an issue with my heel bone. Unfortunately, the operation involved severing and then re-attaching my achilles tendon (ouch). The operation went very well and the surgeon expects me to make a full recovery, in time. However, it will be a few months before I’m able to walk unaided and I’ve been warned that complete recovery could take up to a year.

Please be assured that whilst I’m recuperating, the day-to-day operations of Learn2soar Music will continue unaffected. I have a great team of people working for me who I have great confidence in.

However, there is just one area which will be affected… my School Workshop visits! I sadly won’t be able to visit any schools for the forseeable future, Therefore we’re currently not taking any workshop bookings until May 2018 at the earliest.

It will be sad to have a complete year away from schools for the first time in my life, but on the positive side, it means I should have a lot more free time for song-writing. In fact, I think I’ve got a song coming now…

“You put your left foot in, your left foot out, in, out, in out.. ouch, ouch, OUCH!!!”

On a personal note, to those schools who had made bookings for the next few months, I am very, very sorry to let you down. When I visit you again in 2018 I’ll make sure you get a good discount and some extra-special musical treats!

Thanks for your patience. See you soon.