Workshops On Hold

Over the last few months we’ve started to let you know about some exciting changes to Learn2soar Music. Unfortunately, this month we’re having to break some slightly sad news. As a company we have decided to place our music workshops on hold for the foreseeable future.

Why are your music workshops on hold?
workshops on hold
workshops on hold

The main reason we are suspending this service is that currently there appears to be very little demand for our school workshops, due to school budgets being slashed over the last decade.

When we started providing workshops in 2003 we were delivering up to 100 events a year. But from around 2009 onwards we saw a steady decline. It has reached the point where we’re now receiving just two or three booking requests a year. Therefore, it’s no longer financially viable to keep them going.

Our school still has regular music workshops from other providers. Why not yours?

Many music workshop providers have received funding to allow them to offer heavily subsidised workshops, meaning you don’t have to pay full price. Learn2soar Music has received funding in the past to allow us to temporarily offer subsidised workshops, but with the withdrawal of funding from the mid 2000’s onwards (due to the natural end of a funding cycle), we had to start charging full price. At first a lot of schools could still afford this, but with austerity, UK school budgets have been drastically cut over the last decade, and as a result, workshop requests have declined.

Will you bring them back in the future?

Hopefully in a few years time, if schools start to feel they’ve become well-funded again, then we may resume our music workshops at that time. But until then, we’ll leave you with some memories from the last 16 years. Here are six of the best songs recorded as part of our Pop Star Songwriting workshops: