BRAND NEW: Our First Nativity 2

Due to popular demand, we’ve created a follow-up to our biggest seller: ‘Our First Nativity 2’ is out now…

Our First Nativity One & Two
Our First Nativity & Our First Nativity TWO

Back in August 2010 I had one of my better ideas, to create the simplest nativity play possible for very young children, calling it ‘Our First Nativity’. A few months later it went on sale and we were astounded by the response. It was soon outselling all our other products combined and has now gone on to become our all time best-selling product by a long way.

It has since spawned a whole host of related early years products, ‘Our First Harvest’, ‘Our First Easter Play’, ‘Our First Easter Show’, ‘Our First Spring’, ‘Our First Mothers Day’ and ‘Our First Christmas Play’, all of which have done well in their own right. I had planned to give the ‘Our First’ range a bit of a break, but then last year I had a few very interesting phone conversations…  Over the course of a two-week period I spoke to several customers who all said the same thing, that they had bought ‘Our First Nativity’  when it had first been released and that they loved it SOOOO much that they had decided to re-use it again and again, every year without fail! Wow! Continue reading “BRAND NEW: Our First Nativity 2”

Publishing Plans for 2014

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: December 2013

Exciting NEW products planned for the new year…

We have SEVEN new CDs/Downloads in the pipeline for 2014:

1. OUR FIRST SPRING: Springtime songs, scripts and resources for Early Years and Infants (Ages 2-7). Expected Jan/Feb.

2. THE DONKEYS TALE: A short simple musical for Easter, telling the story of the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem. (Ages 7-11). Expected Jan/Feb.

3. ZOOMING ON: A new primary school leavers assembly CD. (Ages 10-11). Expected May/June.

4. New All Year Round Musical… watch this page for something exciting hopefully arriving Summer 2014 (Ages 7-11). Expected May/June.

5. OUR FIRST AUTUMN: Autumn / Harvest songs, scripts and resources for Early Years and Infants (Ages 2-7). Expected Aug/Sept.

6. A CHRISTMAS TOY STORY: Christmas toys come to life on Christmas Eve for a fun festive musical (Ages 5-11). Expected Sept/Oct.

7. OUR FIRST NATIVITY 2: A second volume of our best selling product ever. (Ages 2-5). Expected Sept/Oct.

Disclaimer: All of the above mentioned products are planned for release during 2014. However, there is no guarantee that any of them will be released within this timeframe.

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What A Star!

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: September 2013

NEW: ‘What A Star’ – Nativity Play for Ages 3-7

What A Star Nativity Play
What A Star Nativity Play

Out now, What a Star tells the enchanting story of Leo the little star who is shy and not very good at shining. But despite his size, Leo is still given a really important job to do, over a big town called Bethlehem! Can he pull it off? What a Star is suitable for ages 3-7. It contains two different editable, rhyming scripts. A fun play script with dozens of parts and a simple narrators’ parts only script for younger children. With 9 catchy, easy-to-learn songs, this is sure to become a favourite in many Early Years / Infant departments around the world.

For more information please visit the What a Star page by clicking HERE!

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Win Our First Christmas Play

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: October 2012

Teach Nursery Review & Competition

Win Our First Christmas Play
Win Our First Christmas Play

Our First Christmas Play’ has been featured in this month’s Teach Nursery magazine. Here’s some of what they have written,

“No Christmas is complete without a performance and ‘Our First Christmas Play’ has EVERYTHING you need to put on one to remember!”

Furthermore, courtesy of Teach Nursery we’re giving away 5 copies of ‘Our First Christmas Play’. To win a copy head over to the Teach Nursery website.

 PLEASE NOTE: The above competition has now closed. Congratulations to the winners.

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Our First Christmas Play

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: September 2012

NEW: ‘Our First Christmas Play’ For ages 2-5

Our First Christmas Play
Our First Christmas Play

At last, we’ve released a follow up to our best seller ‘Our First Nativity’. ‘Our First Christmas Play’ tells the story of ‘Forgetful Santa’ who knows that he’s forgotten to do something very important… but he can’t remember what! With help from Mrs Claus and the elves he eventually remembers, but not before your cast has sung several fabulous Christmas songs about trees, cards, Christmas dinner, presents and more! To find out more about ‘Our First Christmas Play’ and to hear samples, click here.

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