BRAND NEW: Our First Nativity 2

Due to popular demand, we’ve created a follow-up to our biggest seller: ‘Our First Nativity 2’ is out now…

Our First Nativity One & Two
Our First Nativity & Our First Nativity TWO

Back in August 2010 I had one of my better ideas, to create the simplest nativity play possible for very young children, calling it ‘Our First Nativity’. A few months later it went on sale and we were astounded by the response. It was soon outselling all our other products combined and has now gone on to become our all time best-selling product by a long way.

It has since spawned a whole host of related early years products, ‘Our First Harvest’, ‘Our First Easter Play’, ‘Our First Easter Show’, ‘Our First Spring’, ‘Our First Mothers Day’ and ‘Our First Christmas Play’, all of which have done well in their own right. I had planned to give the ‘Our First’ range a bit of a break, but then last year I had a few very interesting phone conversations…  Over the course of a two-week period I spoke to several customers who all said the same thing, that they had bought ‘Our First Nativity’  when it had first been released and that they loved it SOOOO much that they had decided to re-use it again and again, every year without fail! Wow!

While I felt surprise and admiration at the dedication of some of our wonderful customers, I also felt a bit like someone who had created a monster! Back when I was a primary teacher, we often repeated songs year after a year, but never a whole performance and certainly not every single year for 4 years running! I’m sure that to have done so would have driven me insane! Therefore, as a result of those phone calls, I immediately felt duty bound to create ‘Our First Nativity 2’, to protect the sanity of our most loyal customers as much as anything else!

Our First Nativity 2
Our First Nativity TWO

Finally we have it on sale. ‘Our First Nativity 2’ has been lovingly crafted over the last year and is available for you to buy now. It retains the structure and simplicity of the original, whilst giving the fresh feel of an exciting, new nativity production. It contains 8 very easy songs, all based on familiar tunes and nursery rhymes. Plus you get all the backing music so there’s no need for a pianist. The songs are linked by a choice of two rhyming, editable scripts, giving you great flexibility no matter what the size or ability of your cast. With added extras like PowerPoint scenery, printable sheet music, printable colouring sheets and much more, you have everything you need for a superb Early Years Nativity. We hope you enjoy Our First Nativity 2 as much as the original.