Free Assemblies

It’s time to assemble your school assemblies for the new year… so we have some free assemblies for you:

Free Assemblies FS/KS1 Ages 3-7
Free Assemblies FS/KS1 Ages 3-7

As the new academic year dawns upon us many primary teachers begin to think about a new year of school assemblies. Everyone is looking for something fresh, different, accessible, ready-to-go and easy to use. Well don’t worry, we have you covered. Learn2soar Music has a range of assembly CDs/downloads available. Each title contains much more than just songs and backing music… all our assembly CDs contain multiple assemblies with ideas, notes, stories, talks, prayers, games, quizzes, PowerPoints, etc.

To give you an idea of what to expect we have made two FREE assemblies available. One from ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS1‘ (ages 3-7) and one from ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2‘ (7-11). You’re welcome to print and use these free assemblies any time, any place. Both free assemblies can be downloaded here:

Free Assemblies KS1

Free  Assemblies KS2

Free Assemblies KS2 Ages 7-11
Free Assemblies KS2 Ages 7-11

The best way to get hold of all our assemblies quickly and easily is to download our ‘101 Assembly Songs‘ pack which contains over 300 pages of ready to use assemblies. Topics covered by the assemblies include seasonal assemblies for Harvest, Easter, Mothers Day, Christmas, Leaver’s assemblies, Remembrance Day and Valentine’s day. In addition there are many general assemblies covering subjects like citizenship, green issues, perseverance, faith, obedience, nature, senses, disability, bravery, trying our best, autumn, friendship, healthy eating, good manners, saying please and thank you, using our talents, sharing, ‘love your neighbour’, teamwork, the value of education, encouragement, anti-racism and peace.

All assemblies can be downloaded in an editable format at no extra charge, so you can easily alter each assembly to suit the needs of your particular setting. To see our full range of assembly material visit our assembly page here:

‘No Christian assemblies please, Not in our school’

Christian assemblies seem to be dying out. Here is our view on the current state of Christian assemblies in schools, given the current legal requirement for all pupils in England and Wales to take part in a “broadly Christian” act of daily collective worship.
Christian Assemblies Singing
School Christian assemblies appear to be dying out

One of the most common queries we receive about our products is the good old ‘is it religious?’ question. The answer we nearly always give is, ‘yes and no!’

To explain, although most of our school assemblies and children’s musicals contain Christian input, themes or ideas in one form or another, every product we sell also gives the flexibility to allow customers to remove most religious references altogether. This is because each product contains editable versions of the scripts, with many also containing multiple script variations, including non-religious alternatives. Therefore, even our most Christian assemblies can quickly become non-Christian assemblies if so desired.

But looking back to when we started in business 12 years ago, this issue was a lot more challenging for us. Back then, each one of our assembly CDs and school musicals had just one, un-editable script. There was little flexibility. Therefore after a few years of…

Customer: “Is it Religious?”

Us: “Yes!”

Customer: (Silence as they hang up)

… we were forced to become more flexible, from a financial point of view as much as anything else. Continue reading “‘No Christian assemblies please, Not in our school’”

101 Assembly Songs: New Half-Price ‘Songs For Assemblies’ Pack

We’ve assembled a new Assembly Songs collection pack!

101 Assembly Songs
101 Assembly Songs

Learn2soar Music is proud to present a new pack of 15 assembly CDs. The pack contains some of our most popular songs for use in your school assemblies. In total you will receive 101 assembly songs with vocal / backing tracks, sheet music, PowerPoints and Songwords. Plus, you get the added bonus of more than 300 pages of fabulous assembly scripts, stories and ideas.

If you were to buy all these CDs separately, it would cost around £200! But if you buy them altogether in this one pack, you will only pay £93.42. Or save even more money by downloading now for just £78.42! (Official school orders are welcome, 30 day invoice for UK-based schools).

Click here to buy now: 101 Assembly Songs

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Is it Summer time or Harvest time?

LEARN2SOAR NEWS: August 2013

It’s summer, but it’s our Harvest products that are HOT!

H-A-R-V-E-S-T Spells Harvest Assembly Songs Play and performance
H-A-R-V-E-S-T Spells Harvest Assembly Songs Play and performance

Yes, it’s August! Most people’s favourite month of the year… summer holidays, sun, sea, relaxation. Surely it’s not a time to be thinking about school matters? Or is it? Every year we are staggered at the amount of sales we make during August! It seems that most of you teachers are so dedicated that you’re doing your planning and purchasing on the beach! And at the moment what’s hot isn’t the deck chair, but our range of harvest CDs and downloads.

Each one is ready-to-use with harvest songs and scripts and contains everything you need for a wonderful harvest assembly. Download now from as little as £5.99.