Around The World In 80 Sales… of Mothers Day Songs!

Our Mothers Day songs available on two different Mothers Day CD’s, really have gone round the world…

Our First Mothers Day - Early Years Mother Day Songs
‘Our First Mothers Day’ – Early Years Mother Day Songs

It’s nearly Mother’s Day! No, I’ve not gone mad… In the UK Mother’s day is always in March or April, but in the rest of the world, Mothers Day is the second Sunday in May. That’s why I love this time of year. As all our overseas customers buy Mothers Day songs from us and it reminds me of how many corners of the world our music and resources are reaching into. Just in the last few days alone we’ve had sales in the USA, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Italy and even Trinidad and Tobago!

The Mothers Day Assembly CD - With Mothers Day songs and resources for ages 5-11
The Mothers Day Assembly CD – With Mothers Day songs and resources for ages 5-11

I actually have a list in my desk drawer of all the countries where we’ve ever sold a product. I started it 10 years ago and the list is growing bigger and bigger every year! I made myself a promise that one day I’d visit all those countries, but as the list is now getting so long, I’m not sure it will ever be possible (but I’d like to try)!

One of the main areas of success behind the worldwide appeal of our Mother’s Day songs has been our YouTube Mother’s Day songs videos:

Between them these videos have now had over 150,000 views. Each video shows images of mothers from a variety of cultures, races and backgrounds, giving a truly global feel to Mother’s day.

To find out more about the Mother’s Day songs we have on sale, please click here:

Learn2soar Mothers Day Songs and Resources

So Happy Mother’s Day to all our overseas customers and I’ll carry on dreaming about visiting all your wonderful countries one day!