“Outstanding Music Workshops”

What teachers say about our School Music Workshops…

music workshops
School Music Workshops

At this time of year we usually write a blog about our school music workshops, in preparation for what is traditionally our busiest period of the year for workshop bookings across the UK. But this year for a change,  we thought we’d let teachers who’ve used our services over the last 15 years, tell you themselves how much they liked Learn2soar’s Music Workshops:

“The pop star workshop was amazing. The children learnt so much (as did I) and they were thrilled with the songs that they wrote and recorded. A fabulous day, an exceptional experience, we definitely want him back!”
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9 Unique School Music Workshops

9 Unique Music Workshops from Learn2soar Music

Learn2soar School Music Workshops
Learn2soar School Music Workshops

You may have noticed that we offer very popular ‘Music Man‘ and ‘Pop Star‘ music workshops to UK-based Primary Schools and Pre-Schools. However, did you know that we offer several other unique music workshops, projects and services? We’ve recently updated our Music Workshop Pages and added a new Special Projects page, where you will find full details. Here are some of the highlights…

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Looking back over 10 amazing years!

It’s party time here at Learn2soar Music as we celebrate our 10th birthday! But where on earth have the last 10 years gone? Our managing director Stuart Ross says:

“When I think back to the summer of 2003 and what little we started learn2soar with, it’s a miracle that we have grown so much. My secondment as a music advisor had come to an end and I had a choice to either go back to my old job of being a primary school teacher (which I loved doing) or starting a new business producing music for schools. The business idea won and the rest is history… well sort of.

It’s a miracle we got through those first few years. At that time my wife was between jobs herself and we had 2 young children. We put the mortgage on hold, tightened our belts, prayed a lot and just scraped by! Only having five titles on sale at the time didn’t help and it was only by providing a high volume of school workshops, along with a grant from the Arts Council, which helped us to live from day to day.

As I was gradually able to produce more and more titles each year, the sales grew and the real turning point came in 2007 when I produced…C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas For JUNIORS Nativity Play


C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Spells Christmas For Juniors’.

… The glowing feedback from schools was like nothing we’d ever seen before. It was simply overwhelming and then the icing on the cake was when the BBC broadcast a large section of it over the Christmas holidays. The following year, sales went through the roof and have been growing steadily ever since. One thing we’re particularly proud of is that we’ve never used a bank loan or overdraft. We only ever spend what we take in, never go into debt and give regularly to charity. It’s not the way most businesses work, but it’s really worked well for us!

We estimate that we’ve now supplied music to around 40% of the UK and Ireland’s schools and we regularly sell to customers in about 40 countries around the world. Hopefully over the next 10 years we can see Learn2soar… soar even higher!”

To all our customers, friends, family, supporters, helpers… thank you soooo much for all your love, support and encouragement over the years!

By Learn2soar Music

Summer Term Music Workshops


Ready for a music workshop?

School Music Workshops
Learn2soar Music Workshops

It’s nearly summer which means it’s our time to book a summer term school music workshop. Our managing director Stuart Ross (who has composed or co-written just about everything on our website) is available to visit your establishment to thrill your pupils with one of his amazing music workshops. Stuart has composed many songs and musicals which are used by schools all over the globe. He will gladly pass on some of his songwriting expertise in a ‘Pop Star’ writing and recording workshop (ages 7-11).

 In addition, Stuart who is a former specialist music teacher, is prepared to enthral your pupils with his fun-tastic ‘I Am The Music Man’ workshop for all ages from 2-11.

For more information about Learn2soar music workshops or to make a booking, click here.

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School Music Workshops


Time to book your Summer music workshopschool music workshops

The summer term is always our busiest time for school music workshops and as usual our main composer Stuart Ross is ready and willing to visit your school to thoroughly entertain the children with one of his dazzling music workshops.

Stuart has written hundreds of songs that are used by children all round the world and is eager to pass on his song writing skills through one of his ‘Pop Star’ song writing and recording workshops for ages 7-11.

Stuart is also a former teacher and schools music advisor who plays about a dozen musicals instruments and he’s raring to entertain your pupils through his ‘I Am The Music Man’ workshop for all ages from 2-11 with different programmes available depending on the age/ability of the children.

For more information about Learn2soar music workshops or to make a booking, click here.

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