Cool Carols – New Christmas Carol based nativity play musical

Cool Carols – Released 1st Nov 2019 – Ages 7 to 11 – Two traditional rhyming nativity play scripts, mixed with 9 carols, all with a modern sound.

What’s NEW?
Cool Carols - Nativity Play
Cool Carols – Nativity Play

‘Cool Carols’ is a fast, flexible, nativity play musical. Two traditional rhyming nativity scripts (one a play script, one a narrated script), have been mixed with nine traditional carols and two new songs, all of which have a 21st century sound. This superb combination allows you to easily produce the perfect nativity production that will be a hit with kids and parents. It comes with vocal tracks sung by an eleven year old, backing tracks, editable scripts, PowerPoint scenery, PowerPoint song words, sheet music, staging advice and more.

Cool Carols – Previous Version:
O Come All Ye Faithful Christmas Carol based Nativity Play
O Come All Ye Faithful Rebranded as ‘Cool Carols’.

Previously, this publication was available under a different title: ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’. For several years we have been planning a major upgrade to this work. In the end, the amount of changes was so substantial, that we decided to re-brand the publication. So, what has changed exactly? For a start, every track has been rewritten, or rerecorded and remastered. Both of the included scripts are completely brand new. A new PowerPoint song words file has been added. The PowerPoint scenery file consists of new images. All other digital material has been edited and re-formatted.

What Customers Say:

“An inspirational musical. Very child friendly – The children loved the pop music sound of the carols and sang so well.” – J. Howard, teacher

“Many thanks for the CD. It was really useful and provided us with a great structure for our carol concert.” – A. Marsh, teacher

“GREAT! The tracks are so CATCHY. As a result the children responded really well and the show they put on was just excellent!” – C. DeSilva, music teacher

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