NEW Assemblies Lyric Videos

Assemblies Lyric Videos
Songs 4 Assemblies KS2 Playlist

We’ve now completed NEW Lyric Videos for every track on ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2’. AND we’ve made all of them available for free on our YouTube channel! Just click the image above to go directly to our YouTube playlist.

Even More Resources with our Assemblies Lyric Videos

Songs for Assemblies KS2
Songs for Assemblies KS2

Please note that if you would like to use these assemblies lyric videos free of logos, or if you want backing track versions of the same videos, then you can purchase the ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2’ Download Pack HERE. This pack also contains PowerPoints, sheet music, and assembly content (stories / activities / prayers) for all 10 songs.

Relevant Topics

These songs / videos cover a wide range of very relevant topics. Teamwork, unity, anti-racism, environmental issues, perseverance, working hard, love-your-neighbour, peace, citizenship and much more. Furthermore, one of the songs is also about being thankful for our teachers. You can read more about the song ‘Thank You For The Teachers’ by following this link.

Fully Inclusive

Learn2soar Music is here to provide music resources for all teachers and all students regardless of ethnicity, gender, orientation, disability, or background. As such, we have tried hard to ensure a wide inclusive representation of every type of person throughout our videos. In some cases, such as the image at the top of this page, this has given the song/video a whole new anti-racism message, which we hope you’ll agree, is all the more important at the moment. A particularly good example of this is the song ‘Together’, which contains the following lyrics.

“Will you take a walk with me along life’s winding road?
I sometimes struggle on my own, please help me share my load.
It doesn’t matter what may be the colour of your skin,
The outside’s not important, what counts is what’s within.

If everybody on this earth could learn to live as one,
To work and play together, the world would be such fun,
There’d be no war or conflict, with peace throughout the land,
Let us start to live this way as we walk hand-in-hand.”

No Assemblies At The Moment?

And finally, if you are struggling to hold school assemblies during the coronavirus pandemic, or even participate in group singing, don’t worry. These videos can still be used as great conversation starters within any classroom. We know that you’re going to love using them.