NEW Keeping Mr Inn In The Inn


NEW Keeping Mr Inn In The Inn: A rib-tickling, time-saving Nativity for KS1 / KS2

  • Running Time = 20-50 minutes
  • Minimum Rehearsal Time = 3 days
  • Cast Size = 1 to 100+

A funny, tongue-twisting nativity, which tells the story of two Bethlehem innkeepers, who own competing inns. Firstly, there’s our hero, kind-hearted Mr. Inn, and then there’s his greedy, mean rival, Mr. Out. But one inn must close! Only one can survive!

‘Will Inn be in, or Out be out?
Or Out be in, and Inn be out?
We do not know,
But we have no doubt,
We’ll find out soon enough!’

Covering themes of care, kindness, charity, and friendship, this humorous musical with catchy songs and ingenious scripts will keep your cast and audience completely enthralled.

With ten wonderful songs, three editable scripts, and added extras like PowerPoint scenery, PowerPoint song words, sheet music, staging advice and more, you have everything you need for a laugh-out-loud, tongue-twisting nativity.

Previous version

Keeping Mr Inn In the Inn was originally created back in 2003, although some of the songs date back to 2000. It was actually one of Learn2soar Music’s first ever publications, back in those early days when our website consisted of just four titles! (How far we’ve come)

Over the years, almost all of our other earliest publications have been updated in some way. However. we’ve kept Mr Inn until one of the last, because, we wanted to do something special with it. This new 2021 version has three brand new scripts, with extra new songs. Plus, every element of the included extra resources have been completely re-done. In the end, the only sections of this publication that are still similar to the original version are several songs, but even these have been completely re-mixed and remastered.

All-in-all, the 2021 version of Keeping Mr Inn, is almost completely brand new, and in our opinion, far superior, more flexible, and even more fun than the 2003 original. We’re positive that you’ll love it too.


“Keeping Mr Inn was brilliant. I really loved it and the children had a whale of a time putting it on!” – J MacKenzie

“REALLY FABULOUS! So easy to use. The children loved it and gave a really high level of performance! We will definitely be using you again!” – A Westbrook

“Really, really wonderful. Easily one of the best Christmas plays we’ve come across. Our infant children had so much fun and the parents ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!” – J Johnson


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