NEW Our First Nativity – Major Upgrade!

NEW Our First Nativity – Our best-seller has been given a HUGE makeover, making it better than ever.

  • Running Time = 10-25 minutes
  • Minimum Rehearsal Time = 2 days
  • Cast Size = 2 to 100+
NEW Our First Nativity
Our First Nativity – NEW

Our biggest selling publication by a long way, ‘Our First Nativity’ is an utterly simple Nativity play for ages 2-5. It features 8 incredibly easy songs, all based on familiar tunes and nursery rhymes, with vocal & backing tracks included. The songs are linked by a choice of three time-saving editable scripts, giving you great flexibility no matter what the size, age or ability of your cast.

With added extras like new lyric videos, new PowerPoint scenery, colouring sheets, PowerPoint song words, sheet music, staging advice and more, Early Years nativity plays really don’t get any better than this!


We’ve made three major new additions:

1. We’ve added an extra new script! Namely a rhyming narrated script, which is designed to be easier to use with any Covid restrictions.

2. We’ve added new HD animated lyric videos for every vocal track and every backing track, which really brings the nativity to life and is a great tool for helping your children learn the songs. Of course, we don’t expect very young children to be reading the words on screen, but it helps increase word awareness and is very helpful for any adult teaching the songs to the children.

3. We’ve also taken the images used in the new lyric videos and incorporated them into new PowerPoint scenery files and artwork.


“We purchased Our 1st Nativity download only last year. Yet now we’re doing something that we’ve never done before, we’re using it again this year! In the past we’d always used different nativities each year from a lot of different companies. But because Our 1st Nativity is just so utterly easy to use and so wonderful in every way imaginable, we just had to break with tradition and repeat it. And I’ve got a feeling we’ll be repeating it again and again and again for many more years to come. It’s easily the best Early Years music / Christmas nativity resource we’ve come across. Well done Learn2soar:)”- Tots Preschool


For further information about ‘NEW Our First Nativity’, to hear song samples, read script samples, or BUY NOW, please click here.