Songs 4 Assemblies KS2… REMIXED!


Junior Assembly Songs Remix & New Assembly Material

Songs for Assemblies KS2 Ages 7-11
Songs for Assemblies KS2 Ages 7-11

Songs 4 Assemblies KS2 was originally written and recorded back in 2004. Since then a lot of things have changed and some of the assembly themes clearly needed altering, particularly the assembly about Lance Armstrong being a good role model!!! We have therefore edited and rewritten some of the assembly scripts and while we were remastering the CD, we also took the opportunity to either remix or re-record every song on the album. We’ve also added PowerPoint words and redesigned the CD ROM section. All in all, this CD has been given a serious polish and we’re sure you’ll love the results!

 If you purchased the previous version of this product (purchased before June 2013) and would like to upgrade, then download customers can do so for free, just email us at with the details of your previous order. If you purchased the CD version, then upgrade by purchasing the £6 ‘EXTRA CD’ option from the drop down on the ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2’ page.

By Learn2soar Music