Journey On Leavers’ Assembly

Over the next few weeks schools across the UK will be closing for the summer and saying goodbye to their oldest pupils, as they move on to the next stage of their education. We’re sure that as usual there will be many teachers trying to scramble together a last-minute Leavers’ Assembly performance. So to help all these teachers out and save a lot of time, we thought we’d focus some attention on our best-selling assembly product: ‘Journey On Leavers’ Assembly’.

Journey On Leavers Assembly CD
Journey On

Originally published in 2009, Journey On has gone on to become our best-selling assembly title We believe that the main reasons for its enduring popularity are down to the very catchy, rock-based songs, along with a genuinely hilarious play script (Honey I Grew Down The Kid) which has now been performed in hundreds of schools across the country. We’ve also heard anecdotes about it being widely recommended through word of mouth and on various teachers forums. Continue reading “Journey On Leavers’ Assembly”

Olympics Leavers’ Assembly 2016

Three months from today Rio 2016 will hold it’s opening ceremony as Brazil welcomes the Olympics. Between now and then, many primary schools will be holding their annual Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly. So this year, why not link the two events with an Olympics Leavers’ Assembly.

Olympics Leavers Assembly
Olympics Leavers Assembly

Our Racing On Leavers’ Assembly can be downloaded now for just £7.99. It contains 5 great songs with vocal and backing tracks, plus FIVE ready-to-use leavers’ assemblies (2 PowerPoint assemblies & 3 text assemblies).

All the included assemblies come with an optional sporting twist and contain ideas, activities, stories / play scripts, readings, lessons and prayers. With added extras like PowerPoints, sheet music and more, this is a truly superb, easy-to-use leavers’ assembly pack with everything you could possibly need. Continue reading “Olympics Leavers’ Assembly 2016”

Very Pinteresting – Learn2soar Music is now on Pinterest

Learn2soar Music now on Pinterest
We’re now on Pinterest

We’re delighted to announce that Learn2soar Music has now begun placing links to resources and ideas on Pinterest:

To start with we’ve created 4 boards for:

  • Leavers Assembly Ideas
  • Nativity Play Scripts/Songs/Costumes/Ideas
  • Mothers Day Ideas
  • Harvest Assembly Songs and Ideas

In addition to linking to our most popular products, each board also contains art/craft ideas, printable resources, costume / staging ideas, inspirational quotes / prayers and even one or two recipe suggestions! Over the coming months we hope to keep adding more and more.

If you’re on Pinterest already then please give us a like or a follow. And if you’re not on Pinterest yet, then you probably should consider it! It only takes a minute to sign up and you’ll find it full of valuable ideas and resources for every school / church / children’s group.

Head over to our Pinterest page here:

Learn2soar Now On Pinterest

Leavers Assembly CDs


Journey On Leavers Assembly CD
Journey On Leavers Assembly CD

Ready-to-use Leaver’s Assemblies  

The end of the school year can be so stressful, so why make it worse for yourself by trying to create your own leavers assembly? Let us do the work for you!

We have 4 titles which can be downloaded right now for as little as £5.99. All contain leavers songs, scripts and more and are ready to go…

  • MOVING ON Leavers Assembly
  • JOURNEY ON Leavers Assembly
  • RACING ON Leavers Assembly
  • The Flight Of The Songbirds Leavers Musical

View all of our Leavers Assemblies here.

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