Journey On Leavers’ Assembly

Over the next few weeks schools across the UK will be closing for the summer and saying goodbye to their oldest pupils, as they move on to the next stage of their education. We’re sure that as usual there will be many teachers trying to scramble together a last-minute Leavers’ Assembly performance. So to help all these teachers out and save a lot of time, we thought we’d focus some attention on our best-selling assembly product: ‘Journey On Leavers’ Assembly’.

Journey On Leavers Assembly CD
Journey On

Originally published in 2009, Journey On has gone on to become our best-selling assembly title We believe that the main reasons for its enduring popularity are down to the very catchy, rock-based songs, along with a genuinely hilarious play script (Honey I Grew Down The Kid) which has now been performed in hundreds of schools across the country. We’ve also heard anecdotes about it being widely recommended through word of mouth and on various teachers forums.

Here’s what some customers have had to say about Journey On Leavers’ Assembly:

Highly Recommended

“I can’t believe I used to spend so much time in the past writing my own leavers’ assemblies. I wish I’d known about Learn2soar sooner. I’ve used three of their leavers’ assemblies downloads now and they really have saved me so much time. They are very easy to use. Out of all them, Journey on is my favourite. The songs rocked and the children liked them so much that we’ve continued to incorporate them into following years assemblies. And the play script was incredibly funny in an ‘over the top’ way. The parents and staff were in stitches. Highly recommended.”
Sue Jones

Very Impressed

“I used ‘journey on’ last year for my Year 6 leavers’ assembly and was VERY impressed! Thank you!”
S Dudley


“Thanks for the prompt delivery of the ‘Journey On’ CD. It’s full of brilliant ideas, which were a pleasure to use in school.”
M Morley

Journey On Leavers Assembly is Great

“Recently downloaded this leavers’ assembly. It has some GREAT material in it which the pupils found entertaining and had great fun performing.”
S Chorley

Journey On Leavers’ Assembly is available to download for just £7.99. You may also be interested in our blog post 10 Leavers’ Assembly Ideas. All of the ten ideas featured on this page fit in very well with the songs and themes explored on the Journey On Leavers’ Assembly CD.