Best Selling Nativity Play – Our First Nativity

In the run up to Christmas we’re going to use our monthly blog posts to take a look at our best selling Nativities. We’re starting with our all time best selling nativity play: ‘Our First Nativity‘.

Published in 2011, Our First Nativity quickly rocketed to the top of our list of best sellers. It’s total sales are over 50% higher than any other item we’ve ever sold. (Although ‘Our First Nativity TWO’ is quickly gaining ground on it). So why is ‘Our First Nativity’ our best selling nativity play?

Why is it the best selling Nativity Play?
Best Selling Nativity Play - Our First Nativity
Best Selling Nativity Play – Our First Nativity

At the time it was written ‘Our First Nativity’ seemed to fill a real gap in the market. A basic nativity play that was genuinely suitable for the very youngest of children. Over the years we’ve heard more than a few pre-school establishments say to us, that while they’ve enjoyed the traditional favourites from some of our competitors like ‘It’s A Baby’, ‘Whoops-A-Daisy Angel’ and ‘The Wriggly Nativity’… there’s nothing that hits the mark like ‘Our First Nativity’. Indeed, some of the customer quotes at the foot of this blog come from pre-school workers who now ritualistically repeat this best selling nativity play year after year after year.

What’s the Secret?

Firstly, young children find the songs extremely easy to learn, because each tune is based on a familiar nursery rhyme. Secondly, the two included scripts are ridiculously simple. And finally, all the added extras like colouring sheets, PowerPoints and detailed staging advice, simply provide the icing on the cake.

But one of the most remarkable things about ‘Our First Nativity’ was the speed at which it came about. The writer of ‘Our First Nativity’ Stuart Ross told us…

What does the Writer Say?

“Out of all the 40+ musicals that I’ve written, ‘Our First Nativity’ was pretty unique. I had the idea on a hot August Monday morning. By the afternoon I’d practically written the entire production. We recorded the music and vocals the very next day. By the Friday the entire CD (with all the extra material included) was completely finished, published and on sale! We’ve never worked at that speed before or since then. It was just a week of perfection and inspiration where everything just fell into place so easily.

Whenever I’m asked to offer songwriting courses I always recommend that people take as long as possible to craft a song or a musical. ‘A Christmas Toy Story’ took me 4 years to produce. ‘Away With The Manger’ was 5 years! So, to produce a whole production from start to finish in just one week is something pretty special. And that it’s also gone on to become not just my best selling nativity play, but also my best selling work full stop, is just madness!

I’m so thankful to all the many people who religiously use this nativity, year on year. It was mainly due to these loyal customers that I published ‘Our First Nativity TWO‘ a few years ago, and who knows, one day I might even get round to producing ‘Our First Nativity THREE’!”

What Do Customers Say?

If you are in one of the few remaining establishments that hasn’t yet used ‘Our First Nativity’, we strongly recommend that you give it a go this year. We know you won’t feel disappointed. If you’re still unsure about why this is our best selling nativity play, then have a read of some of the lovely comments provided by some of our many happy customers:

So Easy

“We purchased Our 1st Nativity download only last year and now we’re doing something that we’ve never done before, we’re using it again this year! In the past we’d always used different nativities each year from a lot of different companies, but because Our 1st Nativity is just so utterly easy to use and so wonderful in every way imaginable, we just had to break with tradition and repeat it. And I’ve got a feeling we’ll be repeating it, again and again for many more years to come. Well done Learn2soar:)”
by Tots Preschool


“Wow! What an amazing nativity package! We performed with 45 Reception children. Everyone contributed as an actor, narrator or singer – yes, we even had some solos! The children exuded such confidence, due in large part to the fantastically easy, catchy songs and brilliantly simple play script. Many parents even commented that it was far better than the Year 5 & 6 performance from the previous day! (Sorry Bev if you read this but Reception Rule!) Everything that came in the download was easy to use and so well organised. It was a pleasure to produce and I’m sure we’ll be using Our First Nativity again and again for many years to come.”
by Sally Marsh

Love It

“We absolutely love Our First Nativity. The performance was amazing. 2 weeks before the show, we found that the children had learnt all the songs already, something that never usually happens! We love all the added extras like the free colouring sheets, which we used as templates for Christmas cards and invitations. A nice touch. Ten out of ten for the best early years nativity we’ve ever used!”
by M Tayler


“Our First Nativity is just excellent in every single way. This is the second time we’ve used it and therefore we’ve now bought a lifetime licence as it’s clear we’ll be using this item every year from now on. Thank as well for the amazingly fast service you always give.”
by Ms Adams


“We only just discovered this lovely nativity a month ago, having been recommended it by a fellow nursery manager who has seemingly used it every year for the past 5 years! Now I understand why. It really is absolutely wonderful in every way and perfect for this age range. The performance was so easy to stage and got great feedback. Thank you.”
by Melissa Gordon


“The Learn2soar early years nativities are so good. Over the last ten years we’ve used 4 different ones in our day nursery, Our First Nativity – One and Two. Our First Christmas Play and C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s Spells Christmas. They’re all so easy to use and are of an excellent quality. We have a very wide range of ages in our day nursery but all the children are able to take part fully and enjoy the songs so much. These nativities really are perfect for very young children. Thank you for all your help and for producing such brilliant material.”
by Ann Fox

Just Perfect

“Last year was literally our first nativity performance as we opened our Preschool in January 2013! I was so pleased to discover Learn2Soar. The performances are simple to rehearse and perform. The songs are just perfect, especially having the soundtrack sung by children – that just makes it extra special! The best testimony I can give is to tell you that the children from last year are still singing the songs, with ‘I’m A Little Angel’ being unforgettable!”
by Sue Barton


“Our 1st Nativity is so good! The songs are catchy and very easy for young children to pick up. Our Reception classes used the main script. Our nursery children used the simple script. Perfect! This was the first time we’ve used Learn2soar. The wide range of material you have on offer is very impressive. In the past we’ve always used Out of the Ark, but I we’ll be using you a lot more from now on. So much more flexible to use and far better suited material.”
by Mrs Johnston

You can download ‘Our First Nativity’ for as little as £19.99, by clicking here.