Little Black Cloud

“This is the story of the Little Black Cloud,
Who wanted to share his rain around!”

As it’s nearly time to start planning for all those harvest assemblies and harvest / thanksgiving services, we wanted to take a look back at ‘The Little Black Cloud‘.

The Little Black Cloud Simple Harvest Musical Performance
The Little Black Cloud Simple Harvest Musical Performance

This always popular mini-musical is one of the shortest, simplest performances that we’ve ever published. The Little Black Cloud was written in 2002 and eventually published in September 2004. It was actually designed purely as a harvest musical, to be used in UK schools. However, since then it has been performed all around the world, at all times of the year.

The simple story of a cloud who wants to share his lovely rain (even though so many people don’t seem to want it), is a tale which resonates with all countries and cultures. With its basic approach to environmental issues, it’s themes are always appropriate and will surely continue to be so for generations to come.

Here are some of the lovely comments that various customers have made about ‘The Little Black Cloud’:


“We used the little black cloud with a mixed group of 20 children with ages ranging from 3-11 and it went very well. Easy to use and the script was simply beautiful. Very well thought through and presented in a charming way with beautiful songs. Thank you ever so much.”
by Susan Morton


“The Little Black Cloud is a wonderful musical for harvest. It brought both a smile to faces and tears to eyes.”
by C. Davies


“We used the little black cloud last year with the whole of KS1 & KS2 and enjoyed it so much that we’ve come back to buy another one this year! Thank you.”
by Miss Leech

Graded as Outstanding!

“Last year we did The Little Black Cloud with a cast of junior, infant and early years. On the day of the Harvest Festival an Ofsted inspector sat in and the assembly was graded as outstanding! It worked perfectly for the extremes of ages and the children had a lot of fun learning the songs. I am looking forward to doing something of yours that will be equally successful this year. Thank you.”
by T. Allan


“We did the Little Black Cloud a few years ago for our harvest festival. It was fabulous. So, so good!”
by Mr Leafe


“I have to say that these resources are FANTASTIC! They’re all at the perfect level for the children. Thank you.”
by N Bailey


“Re The Little Black Cloud: Thought I’d better get round to telling you what a fantastic success it was both with the children and the parents!!! We all loved doing it, it was fab!!! Thanks- you are life savers!!!!”
by M Davies


“We really enjoyed using The Little Black Cloud last year and have come back to buy another!”
by K Bilgate


“FANTASTIC – Perfectly pitched for the children. My class had a standing ovation and several parents were even crying!”
by A Willis

Love It

“Just listened to The Little Black Cloud & Harvest Assembly CDs that you sent me – they’ve made me smile and saved my life!!! Can’t wait to start with the children tomorrow. They’re going to LOVE IT!!!! Thank you !”
by M Davies

The Little Black Cloud can be downloaded for just £11.99. Or, to find out more about all the harvest/thanksgiving products we have on offer, head to this harvest page.