‘Thank You For The Teachers’ – New Lyric Video for #ThankATeacher Day

Thank You For The Teachers - NEW Lyric Video for ThankATeacher Day
Thank You For The Teachers – ThankATeacher Day

‘Thank You For The Teachers’ is a school assembly song written and recorded back in 2004. But it now has a brand NEW Lyric Video, released for ThankATeacher Day 2020.

I wrote this song as a fun tribute to all the wonderful, hardworking teachers around the world 16 years ago. But now, on ThankATeacher Day 2020, it seems more relevant and appropriate than ever before. So… we have created a new lyric video and have made it available for you to use in your school for FREE. Just click on the above image to visit our YouTube channel. Furthermore, we now dedicate this song to all the school staff and pupils around the world, who have sadly lost their lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

UK Schools Are Open

Learn2soar Music distributes school resources to over 70 countries. So, it pays for us to keep a close eye on what is happening in education settings around the world. Most countries have closed all their schools completely for most of the last few months. But not in the UK! Here schools have remained open for vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers (health/care workers, etc).

During this period, at least 65 UK school workers have tragically lost their lives. Although that figure is now a month out of date, and so the true figure could potentially be a few hundred by now. (Update 28th May: Unofficial estimates now put the figure at 238)

UK Teachers Under Attack

Despite this, the UK government is determined to see English schools admit more pupils from June 1st. Their plans are controversial to say the least, with a survey yesterday stating that 95% of teachers feel very uneasy about them.

But something is upsetting UK teachers even more. Ever since unions and school staff started to express reservations about various aspects of the Government’s plans, there has been a relentless and vicious attack on the profession, led by the country’s right-wing newspapers.

It’s ironic that some journalists who work for these papers, have benefitted from schools looking after their children for the last few months (as they are counted as ‘key-workers’). So, at a time when they should be lavishing teachers with thanks and praise, instead they’re printing hatred and bile against them.

We Take It Personally

As a company, we can’t help but also take this attack personally. Learn2soar Music is very much a family run business, and by and large we are a family of school workers. I am a former primary teacher and school music advisor. My wife is a serving primary headteacher, and around half-a-dozen of our extended family are current, or former teachers / school workers.

Like all other school leaders at the moment, my wife is under an incredible amount of stress and has been working harder than ever, trying to keep her school running under very difficult circumstances. And despite what some newspapers would have you believe, both her and her staff desperately want to open up the school to more pupils, as soon as it is safe to do so.


In my opinion, the UK’s #ThankATeacher day couldn’t have arrived at a better time. (Other countries have their versions of a ThankATeacher day on other dates). So, please can you use this day to spread love and thanks to education workers everywhere, as there are a lot of very worried and upset staff out there who could really use some encouragement: Teachers, headteachers, deputies, TA’s, assistant heads, lunchtime assistants, school secretaries, admin assistants, caretakers, crossing guards, childminders, nursery workers, school bus drivers, etc. Please send them this video, with a message to tell them how valued, appreciated and loved they are. It would mean the world to them.

More Information

Songs for Assemblies KS2
Songs for Assemblies KS2

‘Thank You For The Teachers’ is available on two of our assembly publications. ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2’ and ‘Zooming On Leavers Assembly’. Both of these titles now contain a logo-free version of this video, as well as a backing track version. Plus, videos and MP3 tracks for a dozen other assembly songs. With sheet music, PowerPoints, printable songsheet and other assembly scripts and resources. Every video from ‘Songs 4 Assemblies KS2’ is now available on our YouTube channel. More information is available by following this link.

Schools: Please report any use of this song at ccli.com, as appropriate.

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Have a great #ThankATeacher day!

Stuart Ross (Main Composer / Managing Director – Learn2soar Music)