Leavers Assembly 2020 – A Socially Distanced Leavers Assembly

Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2020 YouTube Playlist
Zooming On Leavers Assembly YouTube Playlist

‘Zooming On Leavers Assembly’ has now been completely updated. It contains New Lyric Videos for every vocal track and every backing track. Click the image above to go to a YouTube playlist, containing two complete videos.

Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2020
Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2020

Any Leavers Assembly 2020 could be problematic for schools, but we think ‘Zooming On’ offers a perfect, socially distanced solution.

This assembly pack has now been almost completely transformed since it was first released several years ago. As well as the new lyric videos, it also contains remixed MP3 vocal and backing tracks. Plus, a new longer script, updated sheet music, songsheet, PowerPoints and artwork.

Socially Distance Your Leavers Assembly

But with the current Coronavirus pandemic, many schools are wondering if, when and how they can still hold any type of Leavers Assembly during 2020. We believe that Zooming On provides a great solution. You can read the script out, with no acting, and no need for any of the pupils to get close to each other. You can perform the songs as solos, rather than group singing (which appears to be frowned on at the moment).

And what about the audience? Well if you are unable to perform outdoors to a socially distanced audience, then why not record your performance and put the video on your school website or YouTube channel. Remember to password protect it so that only pupils, staff and families from your school can see it. If not, then you may be in breach of copyright laws. If you need any help with this, then we’re very happy to offer assistance.

To buy now, read script samples, and hear samples from every track, please visit our webpage for Zooming On Leavers Assembly 2020, by following this link.

What Teachers Say

“Thank you for a true timesaver. The whole assembly script was perfect to use without any changes. In the end, the only reason I used the editable script was just to type the children’s names in! The PowerPoint slides were a great addition and the parents loved it. As for the songs, well they’ve become so popular that we’re singing them in all our assemblies now. Especially ‘Thank You for the teachers’. A very clever and catchy song. Well done for providing such a helpful, child-friendly, low cost resource.” – Miss Adams

“What fantastic value for money. One of the best leavers assemblies we’ve ever done.” – by Denise Bowles

All the best for your Leavers Assembly 2020.

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