Blog Break

Those of you who are very observant will have noticed that our regular monthly Blog posts took a break during 2018, for the first time in a decade. But we’re back for 2019 with some big changes on the horizon.

Why were you away for so long?
Harry and Mum

Well we never went anywhere! It was just that we’ve had different priorities for a while. Learn2soar Music is very much a family business and over the last 22 months our family has had a bit of a shake up with the birth of baby Harry! Sadly, Harry has been unwell for most of his young life. Fortunately though, it’s turned out to be nothing more serious than a few basic food allergies (dairy and soya for those who are interested).

Now that Harry has received a diagnosis, we’re pleased to say that he’s a very happy, healthy boy. But for a long time, while he was undiagnosed, things were tough, with Harry’s parents (and company directors) Stuart & Rachel Ross, having to take a lot of time off work. As a business, the day-to-day running of Learn2soar Music has been completely unaffected, but extra work like this Blog, have understandably taken a bit of a back seat.

What are your plans for 2019?

You may have noticed that Learn2soar Music hasn’t published any new material since 2017. Again, that’s also been mainly due to baby Harry’s health issues occupying so much of Stuart and Rachel’s time. But don’t worry, we have a huge amount of new material written and prepared. We hope to publish at least three new titles over the next year: a new Leavers Assembly title, a new Harvest musical and at least one new nativity play.

New Look Website

We have also begun work on some very significant changes to our website and the way we deliver our products. Within the next few months we will have a new look website, which will be simpler and friendlier. We also aim to start streaming all musical/play/script content, instead of our old-fashioned download and CD-ROM approach. This will mean we can provide customers with even more content than before, so you get even more for your money. Furthermore, it will mean that for the first time ALL our products will be instantly usable on ANY device.

And there are even more changes on the way which we will let you know about in coming months.